PATUXENT RIVER NAVAL AIR STATION, MD – NAS Patuxent River will close the intersection of Cedar Point Road and Taxiway Alpha from Oct. 1-31, 2021 for a traffic impact survey related to upcoming airfield construction projects.  

The primary goal of the survey is to evaluate the levels and patterns of traffic-related to a closure of the Cedar Point and Taxiway Alpha intersection for two proposed projects, Taxiway Alpha repair construction and an eventual fence line enclosure of the entire airfield itself. Before construction can begin on either, command leadership seeks to assess the best way to move traffic around one of the busiest intersections on base. 

“What we’re trying to see with this exercise is the impact to existing traffic levels of an initially temporary, but eventually permanent, closure of that intersection,” said Capt. John Brabazon, NAS Patuxent River commanding officer. “As one of our main thoroughfares on the installation, it’s important we understand the degree to which we can shift traffic patterns for upcoming construction projects that eventually will close it to traffic entirely. Taxiway Alpha will require maintenance that would shut the intersection down anyway, but this will also give us the opportunity to see what the impact will be when we eventually enclave the entire airfield for security purposes.” 

Objectives for the traffic survey will be to evaluate Fire/EMS/Security’s ability and timeliness in navigating access routes in the event of an emergency; assess traffic volume on surrounding roadways and entry/exit points on the base, and determine the impact on roadway infrastructure due to redirected traffic. 

Drivers can expect delays due to shifting traffic patterns during the intersection closure, but all three gates at NAS Patuxent River will remain open. Traffic will be detoured through various routes around NAS Patuxent River during the Cedar Point-Taxiway Alpha intersection closure. Drivers entering base via Gate 1 will be directed to Cuddihy Road on to Delalio, to Whalen and Millstone Roads for points north on base. Drivers coming through Gate 2 will be able to drive on Cedar Point Road up to either Buse Road to link up with Cuddihy Road, or Tate Road where they can either drive northwest or southeast.  

“We understand this will be an impact to some drivers’ routines and schedules, but that’s the point of this survey,” added Brabazon. “We want to know exactly how traffic impacted is impacted so that we can make it better by the time we eventually have to close that intersection for good.” 

NAS Patuxent River seeks the public’s comments and opinions on this project prior to the intersection’s closure. A public comment period from Sept. 2 to Sept. 30, 2021, will be open for all to provide inputs. Emails may be sent to or via the Patuxent River Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) site,

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