Powerful partnerships are the key to improving revenues and profits. The biggest dilemma lies in finding a trustworthy moving company that has the same business goal as you.

In real estate, for example, a partnership between movers and real estate agents can be very lucrative. That’s because they both have the same goal; helping homebuyers through the process of transitioning to their new homes.

Real estate agents will help you in finding the house of your dreams while movers will help to plan and execute the move. By forming a “symbiotic partnership” both parties can depend on each other to increase revenue while providing excellent customer services.

But the benefits aren’t just in the monetary sense; partnering with a reputable moving company can benefit realtors in many ways. Here are 5 reasons why realtors should partner with a trusted moving company.

1. Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Suppose you’re looking into buying your dream home. Which one of these two agents would you choose?

Agent A: Helps clients in prospecting, securing a mortgage, negotiating best prices, conducting inspections to closure.

Agent B: Assist clients in prospecting, securing a loan, and walks the clients through the entire home buying process. Also offers additional moving assistance by connecting the client to a professional mover, possibly at a discounted price.

Many home buyers will opt for Agent B because he will assist them in the home buying process and lift the relocation burden off their shoulders. And that’s what you get when you partner with a professional mover; a competitive advantage.

2. Makes Your Clients Happy and Satisfied

The key to building brand loyalty lies in your customers’ experiences.

A typical agent will help a homebuyer throughout the home buying process. They will walk you through every stage of the real estate transaction process — from prospecting to negotiating on your behalf to conducting inspection and closing the deal.

But to stand out from the competition, you might want to do more than that.

What about helping your customers through the hardest part of owning a home—the moving process? Doing so might guarantee you a positive review on Yelp and possibly a referral. Sometimes, going the extra mile to provide relocation assistance might be all they need to rave about your services.

3. Boosts Your Professional Reputation

Your reputation as a realtor is critical since it will not only attract clients but also keep them coming back to you—or your business.

A good reputation can also help to save on marketing expenses. When you treat your customers well, they become your brand advocates. You might not need to spend thousands of dollars on lead generation sites since most of your customers will come from referrals.

But how can a mover boost your business reputation?

Glad you asked! When you partner with a reputable mover, you’ll be able to provide top-notch home buying services. You’ll not just help your clients through the home buying journey but also provide relocation assistance.

Satisfied customers share their positive experiences with their friends and colleagues, which is key to building your brand reputation. Plus, you’ll also be able to tap into your partner’s professional network, get more clients, and build your business name.

4. Increase Your Exposure as a Realtor

In any industry, brand exposure is important, especially with realtors.

We live in a digitally connected world. So, realtors should capitalize on any opportunity available to boost their brand recognition.

When you partner with a professional moving company, you’ll get to benefit from increased brand exposure. Your name or company will be mentioned on their business website, social media pages, and other professional groups where the moving company is mentioned.

5. More Referrals

Referrals are the foundation of any successful real estate business. And to get more high-quality referrals, you’ll want to partner with a trusted moving company. Why?

When a realtor offers clients additional services that go over and beyond what a typical real estate agent would offer (picture moving assistance), this creates a better customer experience. And superior customer experience increases the likelihood of getting referrals.

The collaboration between movers and real estate agents creates a network of client support that often results in more referrals and business growth.

6. Generate More Leads

Partnering with a professional mover can be a great marketing strategy.

Word will spread about your partnership and the benefits that it brings along. Homebuyers will also want to buy from a realtor who will help them throughout the entire home buying process—from contact to the final relocation journey.

Moreover, working with a professional mover can open the door to other professional contacts in the area. Reputable movers are likely to have direct contact with home improvement companies, storage companies, cleaning companies, and many more. All these companies will become a part of your network, and a great source of quality leads.  

The Bottom Line

A healthy collaboration between movers and real estate agents brings nothing less than benefits. If you can find a professional and reliable moving company to work with, you’ll be ahead of the game and a step closer to netting a six-figure income.

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