A surplus of tons of cargo is shipped around the world on a regular basis. With an endless amount of packages circulating across a variety of locations, establishing a reliable system for tracking each delivery is paramount for your eCommerce business. It will enhance your reputation, while significantly increasing your sales along the way.

Keeping your customers posted while making sure that their packages reach their intended destinations is, indeed, very important. That’s where the relatively introduced shipment tracking systems like this USA Post tracker come into play. This smart software allows its users to keep tabs on the status of every shipment in real-time, on the go, or without even leaving the comfort of their offices. 

As our deadline-driven times get further and further digitized, the use of these systems has become essential when it comes to keeping everything on track and monitoring if operations are running to their maximum efficiency. In this post, we’ll dwell upon how shipment tracking systems work, as well as cover the importance of using those systems for boosting your online business.

The Perks of Using Package Tracking Software 

Solid package tracking software features unlimited, real-time access to your shipment information (including the current whereabouts of your packages, the details on surrounding conditions like humidity or temperature), along with the possibility to receive real-time alerts on the boxes’ condition. The possibility to monitor the shipment process in real-time increases your company’s overall productivity and boosts its success.

Here’s a brief overview of the benefits that top-notch shipment tracking tools bring to the table: 

  • your clients get to estimate the exact time when they receive their packages;
  • as a result, you easily and effortlessly enhance the communication process with your clients;
  • accurate delivery schedules lead to customer satisfaction;
  • the number of your returning customers grows;
  • your sales increase, while your revenue skyrockets;
  • the additional silver lining is that the process is very environmentally friendly, for it doesn’t involve any paper use.

Delving Into the Essence of Shipment Tracking Tools

What’s also good about opting for an excellent package tracking system is that you can adjust the tool to suit your specific business needs at a certain period of time. Now, let’s take a look at the functional peculiarities that come with most shipment tracking tools:

  • detailed live route tracking: this feature serves for optimizing the most suitable routes for the particular delivery, as well as aiding your customer in keeping track of their package’s exact location;
  • vehicle data: this shows your clients exactly where the vehicle is moving, at which speed, as well as how long it will take to reach the destination;
  • handy alerts: the tool sends your customers alerts related to the shipment process that’s underway;
  • real-time delivery status updates: the system notifies your clients in case their deliveries are being delayed or if anything else happens during shipment;
  • digital receipt after each delivery: the system provides this receipt as clear evidence that the package has been delivered.

Understanding How Shipment Tracking Systems Function

In simple words, shipment tracking entails the process of tracing packages as they are being sorted and delivered. This contributes to verifying each package’s source and delivery trail, as well as allows the recipients to accurately predict the delivery date and time. Long story short, a good shipment tracking system keeps your logistics service (and your clients) updated on the progress of your deliveries. Therefore, knowing how this system functions is vital. 

Below, you will find a brief guide on how delivery tracking solutions work:

  • Barcode Generation

This is the first step in the delivery tracking process. A barcode is a unique ID signature of each package. It looks like a series of vertical bars of various widths and contains all the essential details about the package: what’s inside, product destination, seller/buyer details, contact information, and the like. With the barcode generated and assigned to the package, the chances of the item getting lost or misplaced are rather slim.

  • Package Scanning 

Once the barcode is generated and attached to the package, the next step is scanning. The package needs to be scanned in order for the logistics service to be able to track it. Once the package is scanned, the delivery service receives all of the data related to it, thus including it in the database for further monitoring endeavors. After scanning, the items can be shipped to their destination. 

  • Package Tracking

After the packages are scanned, they can be easily tracked in real-time both by logistics companies and their clients. This means that such details about each shipped item as its destination, current location, and estimated delivery date become available to the interested parties in the blink of an eye. On the plus side, with a good tracking tool, you and your customers get to monitor your shipments from any device and anywhere you are.

  • Package Delivery

This is the final step of the package tracking system, and it finalizes the process of the product reaching its final destination. When the package is delivered to the customer, the tracking system gets updated and notifies all the interested parties of the successfully completed delivery. 

It’s Time to Boost Your Business 

We live in an era when so many things take place online. People tend to shop online. People want high-quality online services. Naturally, this tendency is only going to strengthen in the years to come. Due to the advanced technology platforms they utilize, tracking systems have become really sophisticated. Even if your package is still very far away, you get the chance to keep tabs on its movement with just a few taps. 

Tracking shipments have become very important. In a world where a lot of products are being shipped daily, it’s vital that every eCommerce business has an in-place system that ensures you get updated on the status of your deliveries. With all that said, if you want to boost your business, as well as enhance the productivity and credibility of your company, it’s time to opt for a top-level tracking system. 

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