Many car owners are trying to keep the attractiveness of the car and are looking for ways to protect the paintwork. Until recently, the surface of a car was protected with ordinary wax, but such a procedure requires frequent renewal. To replace the predecessor, a new formula has been developed that copes with the preservation of the car’s gloss better and remains for longer.

The ceramic coating for cars is an excellent method of protecting the paintwork from unwanted scratches and damage. It improves the performance of the vehicle and protects against environmental influences. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of this method.

Ceramic Coating Composition

The ceramic coating of a car is a mix of silicates, quartz sand, and polymers. When these elements are applied to the paintwork, a protective film is formed, which secures the surface from mechanical damage. The ceramic coating must be applied evenly, so manufacturers can add an organic silicon solvent to it. Also, there is aluminum oxide, which increases the hydrophobic properties, and titanium dioxide – it gives the desired shine to the car. Putting it all together, you get a specialized paste that protects and refreshes the car body.

Advantages of the Procedure

Here is why you need to pay attention to this method:

1. Mechanical protection

The main plus is resistance to mechanical influences. The protective layer forms a coating that is several times harder than paintwork. Therefore, it is much more difficult to scratch it. Ceramic protects the machine from sand, gravel, frozen ice, branches, stones, scratches from heels, and chips.

2. Shine

Ceramics makes the surface of the car body glossy and mirror-like. Titanium dioxide, which is present in the protective coating, reflects light, and the surface of the car shines.

3. Easy wash

The washing will be easier due to the hydrophobic coating created by the aluminum oxide. Dirt will effortlessly be removed from the car with a simple wash.

4. Corrosion protection

When applying ceramics, corrosion is excluded, since the factory coating is isolated from the environment. Accordingly, the metal does not oxidize and the appearance of rust is excluded.

5. Insensitivity to chemicals

Petrol, oil, and other stains are not a problem for the coating. The chemicals just don’t interact with the ceramic layer.

So, all the positive factors from the ceramic coating will delay the natural aging of the paintwork by three years.

Disadvantages of the Procedure

Mind them before coating your car:

  1. Duration of the procedure (it may take much more time than waxing).
  2. Price (ceramic coating is an attribute of an expensive car. Not everyone can afford to apply ceramics).
  3. Difficult to remove (ceramic coating doesn’t last forever. It will also begin to scratch over the years of car operation, albeit much later than the native paintwork. Then it will have to be removed. Removing obsolete coating is not an easy procedure. You will have to polish it completely and only then apply a new layer of protection).

Applying a ceramic coating is, of course, not a necessary procedure, but a status one. A mirror-shiny car will always attract attention on the roads.

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  2. It’s awesome to know that ceramic coatings can prevent the occurrence of oxidization and rust on your car. My younger brother bought his first car on his own about a month ago. He wants it to stay in great condition for as long as possible, so I’ll help him find a service that offers quality ceramic coatings this week.

  3. Thanks for pointing out that you can achieve a mirror-like and glossy car body when you consider ceramic coating services. My husband and I will take note of this to make sure that we can increase the resale value of our black SUV. We do not want our car to easily get scratched and damaged while preparing to sell it, so your tips are helpful.

  4. Thank you for bringing up the fact that ceramic coating services may help you have a shiny, mirror-like automobile body. This is something that my husband and I will keep in mind so that we may raise the price at which we can sell our black SUV. Your advice is great since we don’t want to risk easily scratching and damaging our automobile as we are ready to sell it.

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