Augmented Reality and Virtual technology have changed every aspect of our lives at a fast pace. One of the areas that has experienced major change is the gaming world.  And now, with the help of these two technologies, things that many believed to be impossible have become a reality. 

Today, players in Canada have begun using these technologies, especially VR, to play their favorite new games on consoles. So, what exactly is the future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Gaming? This is what we will be looking into in this article. But first, let us look at what AR and VR mean. 

Augmented Reality: What Does it Mean?

Augmented Reality is an immersive and engaging technology that lets users have a personal interaction with a digital environment. AR combines game visuals alongside audio content in real-time, thus creating an artificial environment. Users who play games with AR on tablets, smartphones, and gaming systems have been known to have a truly immersive experience. 

Virtual Reality: What Does it Mean?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that helps in the creation of a simulated environment. This allows users to get the best the artificial world has to offer. They are able to interact and be a part of 3D worlds since it stimulates all sense organs like touch, vision, smell, and hearing.

How does Augmented and Virtual Reality Align with Gaming?

Creators of video games have been making huge efforts to make players experience the world of games at a closer level. Some of the ways they have tried to make this possible include haptic feedback and more convincing environments. Since Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality take things further to ensure players are immersed in their gaming world, these technologies have become tantamount to gaming. 

For instance, one of the most detailed AR games, Pokémon Go, allows players to experience Pokémon in the real world. With the help of their smartphones, players can see the actual world in front of them with technology, including some more details. In the case of Pokémon, players can explore various aspects of their city or new locations they have never visited before during their search for Pokémon. 

Games like Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, on the other hand, will require players to put on a mask. When they do this, they are able to see a virtual challenger and battle them using a lightsaber controller. As opposed to bringing Pokémon characters into the real world, this game takes players into the realm of Star Wars. 

Possible Obstacles to Deal with for the Future of AR and VR Gaming

Since both of these technologies have not fully developed, there are a few limitations that need to be sorted out. For instance, designers of video games are making efforts to develop a virtual world without flaws. This virtual world will come with a proper orientation of direction that reacts in accurate real-time as gamers move around. It will also be able to determine the area of the virtual environment the player is interacting with. Differences in the real world that the body experiences and that virtual world the mind experiences can lead to VR sickness. 

Also, VR headsets tend to be bulky and massive and can lead to headaches and fatigue in the users. The reason for this bulkiness is to create the huge field of vision required by humans. Hopefully, there will be a likelihood that lighter headsets will be created later in the future. 

Lastly, there are some worries about safety with VR technology. Suppose a VR user is moving in the real world while in the virtual world, there is a possibility of falling and causing harm to themselves and others. VR users will require a wide and secure location to play, or they may be unable to enjoy the full benefits of the VR world. 

More Improvement for the landscape of Augmented and Virtual Reality Gaming

Even though both VR and AR have changed the world of gaming, there is still anticipation that things will improve even more. For instance, there is a belief that players will have the capacity to move in a virtual game environment without moving in the real world. Others also believe players will be able to control games on a screen using a glove fitted with motion sensors. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality also can change online gaming. With these technologies, players can enjoy a more immersive live casino gaming experience, playing online craps right from the comfort of their homes. This may mean a more realistic experience playing real games in casinos since players in Canada will be able to interact with machines and even dealers. In other cases, players in Canada may be taken to a realistic casino venue created by Virtual Reality and gamble safely with bitcoin

Canada is a country that has three territories and provinces that stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific, taking up to 9.98 million square miles. This makes it the second-largest country globally, which means it has tons of avid gamblers who will surely find this development beneficial.

About The Author 

Kevin N. Cochran is an expert in Augmented and Virtual Reality Gaming. Over the years, he has garnered experience in the subject through extensive research. And now, he spends his time sharing what he knows with people who want to learn more about these technologies. 


Augmented and Virtual Reality have changed the way we play games today. The future of both these technologies in gaming promises players more immersive gameplay, control and entertainment. This is something every player who is passionate about a more interactive gaming experience can look forward to. 

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  1. There are no doubts that gaming has achieved a lot more attention than before. During the past 2 years in lockdown, gaming became the best pastime for people. The credit also goes to game development companies like Red Apple Technologies, which gave much attention to what users want and created some of the best games. Technologies like AR and VR take games in the second step. The users now not only play games but also can engage with their favorite game characters. Let’s see how far we can go with these technologies and what big step will be in the gaming industry.

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