The NFL has been a huge part of American culture for as long as we can remember, which is why it’s no surprise that Super Bowl events have a history of drawing in enormous crowds to cheer on teams and see history in the making. Although some stadiums are a lot larger than others, it’s interesting to see how crowd size and popularity change depending on teams playing. American football has long been a symbol of power, determination, and strength. The importance of the sport is crucial within western culture and beyond. 

The Super Bowl has more TV coverage than ever before, which is why we’ve compiled some NFL events throughout the years with the highest attendance records to date. For more information, check out the Super Bowl winner odds. This article covers some highest-earning events for American football players, not to mention the role of charismatic owners and juggernaut stadiums on crowd size. The discipline, understanding, and salary cap are all things that set the NFL apart from other big sports events across the country. Records are consistently changing, and it’s important to be mindful of external factors that can affect how much a crowd is generated. For example, stadium location. Of course, if fewer fans live near certain venues, then it is less likely that many will attend. However, many will travel through the country in order to attend bigger games, like the Super Bowl. 

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants 

Firstly, a game that changed the record for NFL crowds and generated the largest season crowd in NFL history was the 2009 Game at AT&T Stadium on September 20. The Cowboys and Giants drew by 105, and attendance reached 105,121 fans. Despite the larger-than-life characters that surround the Cowboys franchise, this isn’t the single highest attendance in the history of the NFL. Records are getting higher and higher, so be sure to look out for the Dallas stadium’s newest quota. 

Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers

In 2005, another of the biggest regular-season crowds was generated to the Mexico City stadium. 103,467 fans came to show their support, and they weren’t disappointed. Cheerleaders, smoke, inflatables, and vibrant colors were among some entertainment when players were away during halftime. The passion and drive of these fans were notable in headlines, and players from both teams reported how in-awe they were. Regardless of the outcome, visitors left with wide smiles and a certain pep in their step which cannot be achieved anywhere else. 

New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers 

In 2017, a record-breaking crowd was drawn to Heinz Field to show their support. The stadium saw 68,574 fans that day, which is its new record for regular home games. The multipurpose stadium has already begun making money for itself and the local area. Pittsburgh relies on the tourism of hockey games, and of course NFL games. Crowds are therefore all the more essential within this stadium, playing a crucial role in the economy and media attention. We all know how much people tend to follow crowds, we are influenced by others and trust their judgment. That’s why if we see big groups in Heinz Field, we will feel more compelled to do the same. 

Super Bowl XLV

Everybody knows the role that larger-than-life Jerry Jones plays on the crowds drawn to the Cowboys’ Stadium, but the 2010-11 season saw an especially big attendance. The Cowboys hosted Super Bowl XLV, and saw 103,219 fans visiting “Jerry Land”, as the team knows it. However, this didn’t quite satisfy Jones, who had additional seating built-in an attempt to break records within the Dallas venue. The party plaza was still short of making the game the single most popular event in the NFL, and we all know Jerry won’t stop until he gets that title. Certainly, a character who won’t shy away from the cameras, Jones is one of the main attractions of the Cowboys’ home venue. 

Super Bowl XIV

In January 1980, the Los Angeles Rams played against the Steelers at the Rose Bowl Stadium in California. Paving the way for Super Bowl records, 103,985 spectators showed their support. The Steelers beat the Rams 31-19 in spite of being close to the Rams’ home base, and it made the Steelers one of the first teams to win four Super Bowls at the time. The historic game set the standard for later Super Bowl games and was the tip of the iceberg for NFL popularity, as well as creating a household name for many players at the time. Careers were only just beginning, and the TV coverage was still relatively new. It’s no wonder why such a large crowd came. 

Overall, the NFL is becoming extremely successful, with players earning more and more. It’s no wonder that crowd sizes are on the rise, and there will soon be new records set by younger teams. Athletes are always striving to improve themselves and their performance, which is why the NFL and Super Bowl viewing around the world is gaining momentum. The role of the media in all of this isn’t a small one. We are able to create mental images of characters like Jerry Jones within our own heads, but being able to view him and his social media persona is a whole new ball game. Football fans are able to provide up-to-date information like current scores, predictions, and other player stats. 

Through every corner of the country, the traditional game of American football has been growing in popularity due to its appeal. Unlike other sports, teams have equal chances of winning regardless of background, race, or religion. This is even reflected across a team’s bank accounts, where earnings from sponsorships and salaries are equally distributed between players. With the current highest earning team in the NFL being the Dallas Cowboys, it seems that owner Jerry Jones’ “larger than life” attitude is paying off. The Cowboys are extremely popular among sponsorships, endorsements, and of course fans. For more information on accurate predictions, check out Fanduel’s website at the link above.

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