Deputy First Class Carl Ball was awarded on Monday the Medal of Valor at the annual seminar of the Maryland Sheriffs’ Association and Maryland Chiefs of Police Association held in Ocean City this week.

DFC Ball and Deputy Dylan Glenn were conducting a theft investigation at a retail business in Lexington Park on Dec. 29, 2020, when DFC Ball was assaulted and injured by the theft suspect who attacked the deputies with a large knife.

DFC Ball used his hand to block the knife strike, but his hand was lacerated by the knife.

Deputy Glenn was subsequently knocked to the ground, and the suspect slashed at him. DFC Ball discharged his handgun, striking the suspect. The suspect turned and fled toward the back of the store. Even though he was injured, DFC Ball and Deputy Glenn pursued the suspect on foot. The suspect was taken into custody by the injured DFC Ball and Deputy Glenn. DFC Ball immediately and calmly coordinated additional emergency personnel, ensured prompt medical care for the injured suspect, and maintained the scene until relieved by additional personnel.

Only then was DFC Ball treated for his injuries from the felonious assault. DFC Ball’s actions saved the life of Deputy Glenn and his composure and prompt care of the suspect were also a critical factor in his survival.

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