The storm last Friday had a monumental tide surge that had docks underwater and water in the trees.  The high water mark probably measured in the top ten of the last four decades and was pretty much a surprise.  

There is still a lot of debris and floating hazards everywhere in the creeks, rivers, and bay.  This event will speed the migration of our summer visiting fish.  Spot, mackerel, bluefish, and redfish will be migrating to the ocean as the water cools and clears.  

However, this is rockfish weather.  Striped bass will school up and feed on the plentiful baitfish that have permeated creeks, rivers, and bay. There was little fishing in the last four days because of the conditions.  This will make us all pioneers on our next trip out.  The rock should be plentiful in the rivers for trollers using tandems and umbrellas.  The fish will be active at Cedar Point Rip at dawn and dusk.  The reefs south of Point No Point should be holding rockfish all day.  Breakers will be popping up almost everywhere attracting diving sea birds.

Catfishing in the Potomac above St, George Island is very good for bait fishing using cut alewife and mud shad.  There are catfish off the shoreline in Breton Bay, Chaptico, and Bushwood wharf.  The upper Patuxent has plenty of big catfish.

Crappie is active in St. Mary’s Lake for lure casters using tine jigs.  Live minnows are excellent bait too.  The bass there are jumping on deep diving crankbaits.

Trout were stocked by DNR last week, and those targeting them have had good catches.

Ken Lamb, The Tackle Box

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