The Town of North Beach would like to congratulate Marsha Stiner on her retirement! Marsha was a dedicated employee of the Town Hall for 14 years.

Marsha was an integral part of the administrative team for the Town of North Beach. She diligently promoted the goodwill of the town and ensured the residents’ needs were met. Among a multitude of other duties, Marsha was the friendly voice on the other end of the phone that conveyed Southern hospitality to all. Residents called upon her for many reasons and found comfort in her helpful, compassionate, and respectful manner. Marsha offered advice, provided beneficial information, resolved issues, and most importantly, she listened. Marsha was a team player and very willing to help in any situation. She was detail-oriented, had an impressive memory, and you can trust and believe that you’ll always hear a comical story from her past!

We thank Marsha for her many years of excellent service to the Town of North Beach and its residents and offer heartfelt congratulations on all her hard work!

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