Sometimes in life, you just have to work with your rivals. That’s the case in Maryland as three casinos have joined together as the delay on the issuing of sports betting licenses continues.

After the Maryland Gambling Bill was passed in May, It’d been hoped that sports betting would be launched by the end of 2021. However, those hopes were scuppered recently. The Sports Wagering Application Review Commission (SWARC) decided not to award sports betting licenses just yet.

There have been several applications to hold the licenses. The State Lottery & Gaming Control Agency have already approved several applicants namely, The MGM National Harbor, Live! Casino and Hotel, the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore and Hollywood Casino and Ocean Downs Casino. Despite the applications being received in October, none have been granted and not one bet placed.

It’s all a major disappointment for those who wanted to be operating their sportsbooks now. The NFL season is underway and that sees plenty of bets being placed on games. That’s a key reason why many states that have legalized sports gambling are reporting high figures.

If the sportsbooks fail to be operating before the Super Bowl takes place, then the situation will be even more disappointing.

MGM National Harbor, Horseshoe Baltimore and Live! Casino composed a joint letter. It says that SWARC are not following the legislature’s process for the 17 applications that have been received. The three casinos added that those applying would receive a Class A sports betting license if  passing the scrutiny of the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission.

Still however, there are delays in the process. A meeting held by SWARC on November 3 failed to move the process forward. It’s hoped the next meeting will do that.

One worry that Governor Lawrence J. Hogan Jr has is of a lawsuit. He fears that if the current situation continues, then those who have been approved by Maryland’s commission will take legal action. That’s possible due to the loss of earnings that are being suffered.

There are other fears about the arrival of sports betting in Maryland. Major betting companies such as FanDuel, DraftKings, casinos and racetracks will want a piece of the action. As an increasing number of states legalize sports betting, they are seeing their businesses expand, especially online. The hope is that minority companies, female and black-owned business in Maryland aren’t left out. It’s a similar situation to that regarding medical marijuana.

Sports betting will be a new experience with the chance to place wagers on everything from the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, and sport all around the globe. It’s not just a case of joining the first site that you see listed. That’s something that has been learned by gamblers around the USA. It is important to find out details about the site you are thinking of registering with. Players in Iowa for example, sought to find out which are the best to join according to

Ensuring that mobile licenses are granted is also important. Sports betting sites have so much happening that customers want to play on them as much as they can. Being able to bet on your mobiles is the solution to that problem, so it must be a key part of any launch of sports betting in the state.

The imminent arrival of sports betting in Maryland will have many pluses. Its not just those who will be granted licenses that will make profits. There will be plenty of money received in tax revenue from the sports betting. That’s a key reason why states want to legalize sports betting. The pandemic has made life difficult for states all over the country, so additional funding will be greatly appreciated.

As for those who can’t wait to start betting on sport, it’s also a frustrating situation. They have been waiting for years to be able to legally gamble. Betting with a company that has received a license is far better than the previous years of gambling with offshore sites where there is no protection for customers.

This wasn’t possible until a 2018 US Supreme Court ruling. Before that was made, it was the federal government that made the decisions on legalizing gambling. The ruling has changed that and now individual states can make the decision on how to deal with gambling and many have done just that.

It’s also good news for Maryland residents. Casino owners say that hundreds have been taken on to work in the sports betting areas. They are yet to be taken on so you can see the frustration at the delay.

Hopefully the situation will be resolved in the coming weeks. Then, the desire to be able to bet on top sporting events will finally arrive and hopefully in time for the Super Bowl.

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