?Rockfish are the target this week.  The stripers are in the bay shipping lanes from the Gooses to Smith Point.  The main body of rockfish that have spent the summer from Deale to above the Bay Bridge is now moving south.  There are huge schools of baitfish from the Gas Docks to buoy 72 and the stripers are feeding daily in this food bonanza.  The fish have been located on the eastern side of the bay, east of the HI bouy south to the Mud Leads.  Good catches have also been made on the edge from buoy 74 to 76.

The feeding fish are attracting birds, but the fish are fickle and may be up for a thrash on the surface for only a few minutes,  So, the birds are mostly high and searching most of the time.  The bigger stripers can come up and roll on the surface causing a disturbance visible in calm conditions.

Most everyone has gone trolling now,  so a lot of water can be covered in the search for hungry schools of rockfish.  Smaller lures of tandems and umbrellas are very effective.

The Potomac and Patuxent still have plenty of rockfish in the deeper areas with breakers attracting birds.  The fish are still concentrated in the northern regions from Piney Point to Ragged Point in the Potomac, and Captains Point to Sheridan Point in the Patuxent.

The Potomac stripers have normally moved south to mouth by now, but are stubborn this year.  There have been some smaller rockfish breaking in the middle of the river west of Smith Creek.

Some have done well jigging with light tackle in the mouth of the Patuxent in the deeper areas landing some fine rockfish. 

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