The last 18 months have been a difficult time for most of the world. We have had to endure lockdowns and endless uncertainty amidst a situation that few would have predicted. For some, the situation has been exacerbated by loneliness. Being away from family members, especially those who are vulnerable, has meant that social contact has been reduced to a minimum, and as social creatures, this has been a difficult adjustment to make. However, there have been some positives. All this time alone and restricted movement has given the world time to be introspective and realize that we should be making the most of our lives.

This asks the question of how people can better enjoy the time they have. Happiness is a relative concept; however, most will agree that happiness does not entail spending all of our lives working until retirement with little enjoyment. The pandemic has also made us aware of our own mortality. Many young, fit, and healthy people have died who would otherwise not have. While we are all aware that ultimately, we will die, it doesn’t become real until we see people around us pass away. So, what can you do to enjoy life?

Everyone will have a different answer to the above question, but regardless of what you want to do, there has to be motivated to do it. Locked away in your own home, it will be easy to drift away and dream about all the things you want to do. Yet, as restrictions are slowly starting to ease and relative freedom is returning, you have to actually take concrete actions towards achieving these dreams. This won’t be easy, given the sedentary nature of the last 18 months, but it is a promise that people are making to themselves. If you need the added accountability you can download any number of wellness apps to your smartphone to help encourage you to live your best life and keep you on track with your plan to do so.

For those whose life goal has been to travel, they are dusting off their passports and preparing to get on the first plane out of town. For others, they have had the time to assess their careers and have felt that the current direction they are taking isn’t what they want from life. Many will choose to go to college, and many will decide to discard their careers altogether and pursue the things in life which make them happiest. The world will soon be filled with budding artists, musicians, and writers. This is a wonderful time where the world has been inspired through tragedy and hardship.

For some, the idea of having limited time to enjoy life has made them completely reassess their wants and needs. Previous arrangements for death such as life insurance policies are being sold, giving people the money, they need to enjoy the time they have left. Priorities are no longer the same, and the world will perhaps experience an era of change not seen for decades. There is an online guide that explains how you can sell your life insurance policy for a life settlement, as people take stock and look to enjoy their lives in a way they hadn’t previously thought possible.

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