The Transportation Department for Calvert County Public Schools is seeking qualified candidates to train and certify as school bus drivers. 

School bus drivers work for independent school bus contractors throughout Calvert County. These contractors hire drivers to work on everyday routes, to work as substitute drivers, and to drive trips to athletic and extracurricular events. These positions provide an opportunity to work close to home and to serve the children and schools in our community. 

Earlier this year, CCPS met with representatives from the Calvert County bus contractors, bus drivers, and representatives of the Calvert County Government to reach an agreement. The new agreement included an hourly increase at all levels of experience and a guaranteed 8 hours per day effective this calendar year. The new pay rates are below:

Driver’s Years of ExperienceSchool Bus Driver Hourly Rate
0 through 3 years$23.00/hour
4 through 8 years$25.00/hour
9 through 13 years$27.00/hour
14 through18 years$29.00/hour
19 through 23 years$31.00/hour
24 or more years$33.00/hour

To receive details on the process of earning bus driver certification and training, use the link below to provide specific information to begin the Application for Certification.

CCPS is also seeking Substitute Bus Assistants at an hourly rate of $14.00/hour. Please visit the Employment page of the Calvert County Public Schools website.

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