PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – Dec. 13, 2021 – The Calvert County Department of Parks & Recreation invites citizens to provide input on the Land Preservation, Parks & Recreation Plan (LPPRP) update. Citizens can provide input by taking a quick survey addressing the conservation and development of outdoor recreation opportunities in Calvert County over the next five years. The survey is available online at

“We’re excited to set in motion a plan to capture Calvert County’s goals for future recreation development and land preservation,” said Parks & Recreation Director Shannon Nazzal. “This plan cannot move forward without public input and we encourage all residents to take the survey and help us shape the county’s future together.”

The Calvert County LPPRP will set a vision to integrate the planning of the county’s amenities, natural resource conservation, recreation land use, and open space. The current LPPRP and additional information is available for review online at

For updates on Parks & Recreation services, park availability, field closures, and more visit Parks & Recreation at

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