Prince Frederick, MD- Calvert Health Medical Center in Prince Frederick, MD is at capacity.

County Health Officials tweeted on December 15, 2021, that ten(10) of their medical ward and ICU beds were occupied by individuals with severe COVID infections. Of those ten beds, eight are individuals how were unvaccinated and the other two were vaccinated but had not received booster shots at this time, according to the tweet.

“We have three vaccines to counter the effects of COVID which will keep individuals out of the hospital and out of the Emergency Room. This is a serious healthcare crisis and anyone who doesn’t realize this is putting themselves and others at risk,” said Dr. Theodore Tsangaris, chief medical officer of CalvertHealth Medical Center (CHMC) said in a press release.

Health officials fear that if the trend continues, they could see a repeat of last winter with overflowing emergency rooms and surgery cancellations.

In the tweet, the Health Department stated that there are 18,000(25%+/- of total county pop.) unvaccinated adults in Calvert, along with 35,000 residents over the age of 16 who have not received a booster. Of that 35,000, 4,000) are 65 and older (30% of 65 and older population According to the most recent Census data, Calvert County is home to 70,189 adults(18+), of which 13,252 are 65 and older.

Many are worried about what will happen over the Christmas holiday when families gather.

“For those who had their initial two-doses of vaccine, a booster dose will substantially raise immunity protection within one week – meaning prior to the upcoming holiday,” said Dr. Larry Polsky, Calvert County’s Health Department Office.

Leading pulmonologist and medical director for CHMC’s intensive care unit, Dr. Ramin Pirouz from Calvert Internal Medical Group has seen first-hand the devastation caused by COVID. Dr. Pirouz stated, “COVID literally ravages the lungs and the pulmonary system to the point that some must be put on a ventilator because they are unable to breathe adequately on their own. It’s not a pretty sight, I can assure you.”

Pirouz has treated every COVID patient who has needed intensive care at CHMC since the beginning of the pandemic. His message is strong – get the vaccine and get boosted. “Vaccine-induced immunity is the best way to protect everyone and especially those with underlying medical conditions,” commented Dr. Pirouz.

The CDC recommends a booster 6 months after your second vaccination, but local data has shown that immunity starts to decline at the 4-month mark. It is beneficial for anyone who received their second dose in mid-August or earlier to boost up their antibody level at this time.

“But this winter, if we don’t come together as a community and take action, deaths and long-term health problems will be the result,” the Calvert Health Department tweeted.

For those interested in receiving their COVID vaccine or booster:

You can schedule a booster with your doctor’s office, local pharmacy or register online with the Calvert County Health Department for either a Moderna or Pfizer dose: CalvertHealth Medical Center is also hosting booster clinics this week. Make an appointment at

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