Cabot, VT., [January 3, 2022]:  Cabot Creamery Cooperative has announced that End Hunger in Calvert County is the winner of a $2500 grant sponsored by CoBank. The grant is specifically for non-profit organizations that play an integral role in small communities as part of Cabot’s Reward Volunteers initiative. Cabot has partnered with CoBank to offer several $2500 grants to rural non-profits that serve a community with a population of 20,000 or fewer residents.  End Hunger In Calvert County’s Food Distribution Program supports 72 feeding organizations across Southern Maryland with food, infrastructure, and technical assistance necessary to feed 25,000 low-income individuals annually. 

“Most food pantries in Southern Maryland are small and lack storage, refrigeration, and freezer space. In the past, pantries would distribute shelf-stable, processed food without the option of considering the nutritional quality. In addition, free food was turned away for the lack of ability to receive and store the products.

Today, pantries offer fresh produce and lean meats by storing food in our commercial-grade refrigeration and freezer units and accessing the product on an as-needed basis. All services are provided free of charge to our partners. We are proud that in 2020 alone End Hunger distributed over 1.9 million pounds of food: the equivalent to 1.6 million meals per USDA guidelines. Funding from this grant will help ensure the hungry continue to get fed”, said Bireet Almony Administrator to Corporate Relations at End Hunger In Calvert County

As part of Cabot’s efforts to support volunteerism and communities across the US, the Reward Volunteers program allows the Cabot farmers’ to show their gratitude to those who give back.

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