January 12, 2022, Lusby, MD – The Inaugural Maryland Osprey and Nature Festival will take place on April 2, 2022, from 11:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. at the Drum Point Club located in Lusby, Maryland. The mission and purpose of this event is Education, Conservation, and Celebration of our natural beauty and wildlife; especially Ospreys. “The date of this event coincides with the Ospreys’ return to their place of birth, here to our beautiful community” stated Mr. Rick Smith, a birding enthusiast.

“This fundraising event is a grassroots movement by the Citizens of Calvert County, St. Mary’s County, Charles County, Southern Maryland, and throughout the State. The initial support and collaboration of our statewide conservation and wildlife rehabilitation agencies, the business community, and local government has been tremendously positive” added Mr. Greg Klesch with the Southern Maryland Audubon Society. Proceeds raised will go to non-profit organizations that have a vested interest in protecting Ospreys, Eagles, other wildlife, and natural areas of Maryland. “Owl Moon Raptor Center, a facility that rehabilitates injured raptors with the goal of releasing them into the wild – and serves Southern Maryland – will be the recipient of this year’s proceeds” continued Mr. Klesch.

Mr. Sal Icaza, CEO of the Maryland Osprey and Nature Festival, urges community participation, engagement, and involvement from its citizens, community leaders, business leaders, and local government. “I truly believe that this is our Festival; a Calvert County, a St. Mary’s County, a Charles County, a Southern Maryland, and Statewide Festival. This shall be an all-inclusive family, fun-filled day. We hope to see you there, this the inaugural year, to be part of history as the first Festival in Maryland specially dedicated to Ospreys. I see this event growing exponentially in years to come with your support.” Explained Mr. Icaza.

Please visit www.marylandospreyfestival.org for important details and information. This is an EvokePurpose, Inc. event. Please contact Mr. Sal Icaza at 443-624-5590 or marylandospreyfestival@mail.com

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