In many ways, technology serves to shape the way in which the modern world perceives reality itself, and the ever-evolving digital landscape is perhaps yet to unveil its true potential.

Due to the rise of remote learning, working, and socializing, staring at screens all day is simply a part of a regular lifestyle for a host of people all over the world.

If you happen to be one such individual, it might be worth taking note of how this phenomenon can affect your eyes and the role that technology has to play in terms of general vision.

The Good

To start on a positive note, advancements in technology and medical research have led to a wealth of innovative new eye care solutions and vision-saving surgeries.

For example, if you were suffering from cataracts, shopping online to search ‘cataract surgery near me‘ can lead you to a superb trifocal lens implant, one that can repair your vision and enhance your eyesight in fairly little time.

Methods such as wavefront analysis can be used to detect issues within the eye, potentially allowing optometrists a greater level of precision when conducting their diagnosis.

Moreover, cutting-edge contact lenses could now not only correct vision but substantially improve it. These sci-fi-sounding gadgets are still yet to be released to the public, however, but it is certainly a subject worth thinking about for anyone who wishes to replace their glasses with some truly futuristic tech.  

From 3D printed bionic eyes to robotic surgery, there is likely no shortage of wondrous possibilities when it comes to the subject of vision and technology, and the future seems set to impress.

The Effects of the Screen

Staring into a screen all day is unfortunately now a common undertaking for many, and one that is often unavoidable for the home workers of the world.

If you have ever caught yourself suffering from a phantom headache, or you cannot seem to keep your eyes open, it could be down to the harmful effects of looking at a screen for too long.

In order to avoid straining yourself, regular breaks at 20-minute intervals can help relax your eye muscles, as can avoiding squinting in the dark at a dim screen, so it is probably worth turning your brightness up and adjusting the settings on your monitor.

Drying Your Eyes

Focusing too heavily on digital technology for too long might result in your eyes drying out and becoming painful, so remembering to blink and avoiding getting stuck in a staring contest with your monitor is essential.

Perhaps investing in some blue light glasses may be able to take some of the burdens off your eyes, and they are fairly inexpensive to get hold of.

Constant Usage

Technology can be addictive, particularly when taking the smartphone into account and how easy it makes scrolling through social media or play games for hours on end.

This can be bad news for your overall wellbeing, as constant exposure to the screen, especially at nighttime if the device is too close to the eyes, may have a negative effect on your ability to sleep.

Sometimes, it can be important to give your eyes the rest they deserve and pick up a great book at the end of a long day.

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