Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) is partnering with FEV Tutor to provide elementary and secondary students in Grades 4-12 high-quality one-on-one virtual tutoring.

FEV Tutor is available to students who are seeking homework assistance, receiving special education, at-risk of retention, accelerated learners, English as a Second Language (ESL), or who are retained but interested in promotion.

FEV Tutor takes a creative approach to provide students with the necessary support that they need to grow academically. During each tutoring session, students can receive personalized support to bridge skill gaps and drive academic growth.

Students can schedule a virtual tutoring session at any time. To book a virtual tutoring session:

  • Students should open the Clever app found in Office 365.
  • In the Clever app, click the FEV Tutor app under the section, “more apps.”
  • On the FEV Tutor app’s student dashboard, click “Book a Session” to schedule a tutoring session.

On the day and time of the lesson, students should log in through their Clever homepage by clicking “log in as a student,” select the FEV Tutor app and click the flashing red button at the top of the screen to meet the tutor and start working on homework or coursework questions.

Homework help is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Students will work with tutors using an asynchronous two-way whiteboard with various options that cater to the student’s learning style.

To learn more about FEV Tutor visit

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