ST. MARY’S LITTLE LEAGUE, ST. MARY’S COUNTY, Md. – St. Mary’s Little League (SMLL) is turning to the local community to help sponsor the spring baseball and softball season.

“This league is for every kid in our community and the opportunity to play baseball and softball for the youth of St. Mary’s would not be possible without the support from our local businesses,” said Stacy Hull, Sponsorship Coordinator for SMLL. “Sponsorships help us keep registration costs down so every family in our community can afford the opportunity to play baseball or softball.”

Sponsorship offers many benefits to participants: advertising exposure, tax-deductible business and/or personal expenses, and the satisfaction and goodwill that comes from helping the local community and St. Mary’s youth.

“We’ve been sponsoring teams with St. Mary’s Little League for several seasons,” said Mike Granger, owner of St. Mary’s Roofing and Home Improvement LLC. “We love being able to help provide the necessary equipment for the children in our community to play baseball and softball.

SMLL offers multiple sponsorship levels that provide opportunities for your organization’s name or other general information to be displayed on our website, publicized at special events, and imprinted on teams’ jerseys. Sponsors also receive a plaque at the end of the season thanking them for their support.

“We wouldn’t be able to provide children with the best baseball and softball experience without support from our amazing community,” said RJ Bean, President of SMLL. “There’s no better way to support your local community than sponsoring a team with St. Mary’s Little League.”

For more information on sponsoring a team with SMLL, please contact Stacy Hull at

Established in 1969, SMLL is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization focused on providing quality baseball and softball programs to every kid in St. Mary’s County, Md.

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