(The Center Square) – Citing a need to fund critical resources in the state, Gov. Larry Hogan filed his fiscal year 2023 supplemental budget with the General Assembly on Thursday.

The $480 million document calls for investments in Maryland’s first responders, economic development in rural areas of the state, and programs for homeowners and renters across the state.

“With this supplemental budget, we are providing critical resources to support Marylanders’ top priorities,” Hogan said in the release. “We look forward to working with the General Assembly in the coming weeks to secure a final budget that delivers record investments in education, major tax relief for families and retirees, and more support for police and first responders.”

According to the release, Hogan’s supplemental budget asks for $230.7 million in new Medicaid matching funds, which includes $152 million from enhanced federal Medicaid matching funds.

The document, according to the release, also seeks $50 million for the Rural Maryland Economic Development Program. The funding would be used to boost economic development activity, stimulate investments in the private sector, and work to grow jobs in those regions of the state.

Hogan’s plan, if enacted, would provide $21 million to support emergency medical service workers and operations throughout the state using the Maryland EMS Operations Fund.

The supplemental budget would also put $176.5 million in new funding into the state’s Homeowner Assistance Fund, along with the Small Business Credit Initiative. The homeowner fund assists homeowners with mortgage relief, home repairs, housing counseling, and legal services.

According to the release, the supplemental budget would also call for $139.9 million to be used for educational resources, including the state’s Blueprint for Maryland’s Future initiatives.

Sen. Cory McCray, D-Baltimore City, told WTOP the funding into the program is “a profoundly restorative step in the right direction.”

“The onus was on the governor to put the money where it would count – into districts that need it most,” McCray told the news outlet. “By taking measures to correct prior missteps, Governor Hogan has chosen to contribute to the triumph of Baltimore City and its pupils.”

The supplemental budget calls for a $2.9 million investment in the program to provide training for teachers and an additional $2 million to provide behavioral health training for teachers.

The supplemental budget, according to the release, is filed as an amendment to the fiscal year 2023 budget and needs approval by the legislature.

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