Our Spotlight on the Arts is shining brightly on Edward A. Young III!

We selected Edward as we were incredibly impressed with his work and unique art style. We first met our featured artist last September when he delivered his entry for our annual Art Walk contest, little did we know that the single painting was just the tip of the iceberg of his many talents!

St. Mary’s Arts Council Spotlight on Arts “Edward A Young III” Credit: St. Mary's Arts Council

Mr. Young is not only a painter but also an accomplished graphic designer, cartoonist, writer, and musician. Edward radiates a high level of energy and passion for all aspects of his art forms, especially with discussions about his exciting upcoming project “The Exhibition Album”, a merging of ten paintings with ten musical tracks.

Edward has been involved with artistic endeavors from an early age; in middle school, he created a comic book series which he released once or twice a month, as time permitted between his junior high studies. His work found instant success among peers, friends, and family members, all of who highly encouraged Young to continue drawing and writing as they eagerly anticipated the release of future issues.

When asked about his current inspirations, Edward relates that “acrylics and life’s wins and losses are my media, dictating shapes, colors, and content”. Our featured artist creates deeply from within, opening his heart and soul to new ideas for future pieces. By blending paintings, graphics, and sound into unique and novel mixtures, Young strives to provide rich experiences at multiple levels to the audience at hand.

Mr. Young often tries to step back and think about how a piece might help someone navigate their own life journey – will it bring them happiness and joy? A moment of peace amidst the chaos of the world? Will my painting be a catalyst for someone to smile and brighten their day? How will it make them feel as they enter a room? These are all questions that our artist regularly reflects on as concepts for his artwork are formulated.

Edward professes that for those who stop to see, hear and feel the messages relayed within his work, be it the “ugly truth” or the “beauty in truth”, the end result is priceless if it provides even fleeting moments of a higher level of awareness. Edward is intrinsically driven to provide deep multi-sensory experiences through all of his work, delivered among palettes of bright vivid colors and carefully crafted musical compositions.

“The creative gift that was given to me by the highest is a testimonial. It allows me to continue to move forward and express the way I see things and how I feel about life in general.”

Thank you Edward for being a valued part of our community, we are excited to see your future projects!

Coming soon/ spring of 2022: Mr. Young: The Exhibition Album and Art Show – “When mixed mediums meet sound. To close your eyes and hear what you see and see what you hear. 10 paintings merged into 10 tracks very unique. Testimonial, edgy, realistic, bold, and soul reaching. Art shows/ concert all in one.”

Tracks produced by Jay Yung, Recording Engineer by BIGHAND-NO, Mix and mastered by AC Koop, Vocals/ graphics/ paintings/ written by Edward Young III.

Learn more about our featured artist at the links below:

Website:  eayiii (https://www.eayiii.com/)

Facebook:  Edward Young (https://www.facebook.com/edward.young.589)

Instagram:  eayiii @edwarda.youngiii (https://www.instagram.com/edwarda.youngiii/)

Twitter: @EdwardYoungIII3 (https://twitter.com/EdwardYoungIII3)

YouTube:  Edward Young (eayiii)  

Edward currently has work on display as part of a new exhibit at the Ven at Embassy Row Hotel (Washington DC). This fabulous show “aVENues of connection” opened 2/11/22 and features a collection and unique celebration of Black History Month, developed in partnership with Alla Rogers, a longtime fixture of the DC artistic community. Details may be found on Facebook @TheVenEmbassyRow (https://www.facebook.com/TheVenEmbassyRow) / general hotel info incl. address and contact info: http://thevenembassyrow.com/

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