The artwork of Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) high school students was recently featured in the first gallery show of 2022 at the Mattawoman Creek Art Center in Smallwood State Park.

For more than two decades, CCPS art teachers have submitted the top work produced by their students for inclusion in the art show. The categories are drawing, drawing/digital, mixed media, painting, photography and sculpture. Joseph Troy, a retired CCPS art teacher who teaches at the College of Southern Maryland, judged the show.

The winners are as follows:


  • First place — Julianna Bugert, senior, Henry E. Lackey High School, “Never Shall We Die.”
  • Second place — Melanie Hall, senior, Maurice J. McDonough High School, “Tinks.”
  • Third place — Maya Cauley, sophomore, Thomas Stone High School, “Goddess.”
  • Honorable Mention — Kaylee Brown, senior, Lackey, “Jump.”
  • Honorable Mention — Alexandra Harry, sophomore, La Plata High School, “Soul Within.”
  • Honorable Mention — Maya Cauley, sophomore, Thomas Stone, “Ariana Grande.”
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  • First place — Kayleigh Waddell, junior, Thomas Stone, “Lucy Pevensie.”
  • Second place — Emma Bicknell, sophomore, La Plata, “Kenji.”
  • Third place — Gabrielle Benton, senior, McDonough, “Innate Ugliness.”

Mixed media

  • First place — Sanaa Garris, senior, North Point High School, “Poison Incarnated.”
  • Second place — Damien Wendell, sophomore, La Plata, “Antares.”
  • Third place — Samira Stringer, senior, La Plata, “Maple Moth.”
  • Honorable Mention — Jamie Caero, freshman, North Point, “One Piece.”


  • First place — Drayanna James, senior, La Plata, “Cupcakes.”
  • Second place — Christine Baker, junior, North Point, “La Fleur de Pain.”
  • Third place — Alex Myers, freshman, La Plata, “Layered Landscape.”
  • Honorable Mention — Ashley Morris, senior, La Plata, “Landscape.”


  • First place — Addison Pfleggor, sophomore, La Plata, “Head in the Clouds.”
  • Second place — Sayanni White, sophomore, North Point, “Khalia Rising.”
  • Third place — Ethan Ingram, junior, La Plata, “Changing Seasons.”
  • Honorable Mention — Jenel Leech, senior, Thomas Stone, “Complimentary Self.”


  • First place — Harlee Keen, sophomore, North Point, “Fruit Bowl.”
  • Second place — Yanai Jordan, junior, North Point, “Recollection.”
  • Third place — Desirae Marshall, junior, Thomas Stone, “Coiled Vase.”
  • Honorable Mention — Emileigh Saunders, senior, McDonough, “Sea Life.”

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