ANNAPOLIS – Following the Board of Revenue Estimates’ announcement that Maryland’s budget surplus has climbed to a historic $7.5 BILLION, House Republicans today renewed their call for widespread tax relief for Marylanders.

“Marylanders need and deserve tax cuts right now,” said House Minority Leader Jason Buckel. “Inflation is at 7.9%, the highest in forty years. Gas prices are setting historic highs and are rising daily. Our citizens are struggling every day while politicians in Annapolis are sitting on a pot of taxpayer dollars, doling them out to their pet projects and special interests. The most important interest group in our eyes are Maryland’s taxpayers and we should give them their money back.

Last week, the House of Delegates passed the Democratic-sponsored tax relief package. Pegged as “family budget boosters”, the tax package in total would only save Marylanders a mere $95.4 million at best – only 1% of what is now a $7.5 BILLION surplus. The Democratic majority in Annapolis even rejected the Republican efforts to ease consumers’ pain at the pump by eliminating the inflation gas tax.

“Maryland Democrats have tossed a few pennies to taxpayers and expect them to be grateful,” said House Minority Whip Haven Shoemaker. “This Marie Antionette ‘let them eat cake’ approach is an insult to struggling families everywhere. With a $7.5 BILLION surplus, there is no way anyone in the General Assembly can honestly say we cannot afford broad-based tax relief for Marylanders.”

House Republicans have a package of bills that will reduce retiree taxes, stop the automatic increases in the gas tax, provide income tax relief to the military, and lower taxes for middle-class families. In total, the Republican tax package provides $1.2 BILLION in tax relief to a broad base of Maryland taxpayers. As important legislative deadlines approach, these bills linger in Committee.

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