“We’ve been in business for 62 years. We run the Sewing Center/Quilting and the Train Shop.

We started in the old shopping center right up here at Calvert. Calvert was a two-lane highway, with one blinking stoplight. Lusby and I are the oldest businesses in the county. And the Ford dealership.

Trains were a hobby. My grandfather was an engineer for the Norfolk and Western Railroad. So it’s in the blood. My grandfather had five sons and four of them worked for the railroad. All of them but my dad.

As a kid, I got to ride the trains free. I loved riding them. Just the excitement of going somewhere on a train. I was going from Cincinnati where I grew up to Virginia where my grandfather lived and I’d spend several weeks there at a time. My favorite part was meeting people on the train and watching everything as it goes by.

I had one when I was a kid. I was about six or seven years old. A Lionel train. My dad ended up selling it when we ran on to hard times. So one of the first trains I got my wife gave me one and Marty gave me one. And we put it in the window at the store. We used to be hunting and sporting goods until Walmart came. And people started bugging us to sell them. And then it just got bigger and bigger.

My favorite train is the Powtan Arrow. It was a slick passenger train but it was still steam but very pretty. They still have train excursions so I still go on those. Plan on going again soon.

I’m 80 years young. Retire? Know anyone in the Bible that retired (as he laughed)?!

The good Lord is in charge. Whatever will be will be.”

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