Tarot card readings have been around for centuries and have been used for years for their use in providing clarity to many people. When going through tough, uncertain times, a tarot reading can help people get through impactful moments in their life.

Tarot readings are done with designated decks of cards filled with meaning and symbolism. These cards cannot tell the future but can offer insight into one’s life (present, past, and future). A tarot reading can be done in a few different ways. However, we are going to go over one of the simplest and most comfortable ways to receive a psychic reading — online.

Online readings have risen in popularity due to the comfortability of being able to receive readings from your home. This is an excellent option for those who are socially shy, especially when opening up to a stranger.

We have looked through all the online sites that claim to do exceptional tarot reading services, so you would not have to. We have compiled a shortlist of the top three reading sites of 2022. We are optimistic that one of the sites listed below will be able to help you move through your spiritual journey to self-awareness.

After looking through all of the following factors and criteria, we are sure one of the sites listed below will be able to help you through your journey. So, let us jump into our top three sites for tarot card readings.

The Best Tarot Card Reading Sites Online of 2022

  1. Purple Garden– Overall Best Online Tarot Readings, Editor’s Choice
  2. Keen – Most Trusted Online Tarot Reader
  3. Kasamba – Best Platform for Online Tarot Readings
  4. AskNow– Best Value for Your Money
  5. Oranum– Most Spiritual Readers of Tarot

#1. Purple Garden– Overall Best Online Tarot Readings, Editor’s Choice

Purple Garden is one of the best online tarot reading websites with accurate online readings. Our team has done extensive research to make the list of the top psychic reading sites for love, relationship, and career.

Our exceptional list of psychic advisors who have been rated as the most accurate in their advice and guidance by our customers. These advisors, who are capable of enlightening, inspiring, and empowering you, have all been verified and voted for by people just like you. Our high-accuracy advisors cover a wide range of services, including love readings, mediumship, tarot cards, career advice, and more.

Purple Garden offers its consumers an all-time best lineup of a master psychic consultants, all of whom have been tried, evaluated, and graded by tens of thousands of customers over many years. Ask them any and all of your pressing questions, and you’ll gain new perspectives and a better understanding.


Since Purple Garden offers a wide variety of tarot advisors and psychic readers, the pricing of the psychic services will vary according to the demands of the psychic reader. However, the majority of online tarot readers offer a few free initial minutes to get a hang of the quality of the service.

Customer Service

These advisors, who are ready to enlighten, inspire, and empower you, have all been vetted and selected by people like you. The high-accuracy advisors cover a wide range of services, including love readings, mediumship, tarot cards, career advice, and more.

Purple Garden offers its consumers an all-time best array of grasp psychic advisors, all of whom have been tried, reviewed, and rated by tens of thousands of customers over many years. Ask them any and all of your pressing questions, and you’ll gain new perspectives and a better understanding.


  • Free Initial Minutes
  • Exceptional 24/7 service with real time assist
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Categorized tarot readers


  • Not all readers are available online

? Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden

#2. Keen – Most Trusted Online Tarot Reader

Keen is a great option to consider for tarot readings, as it offers authentic readings accompanied by affordable rates. Their top-rated readers have numerous reviews to back up their services. Keen also offers more than just tarot readings.

Psychic readings and advice from psychic mediums are also available through their memberships. Keen has the capabilities to help you connect with yourself spiritually and emotionally.

With all the options Keen has available for readers, you are bound to find just what you need. Before starting with Keen or any other tarot card reading website, you will have to create an account. Once your account is created, your answers to your questions are just a click away.


The pricing with this site varies on what service you are looking for. There are tons of different psychics on this site offering a variety of different services. Their prices range depending on which reader you choose.

Some readers have prices listed as $2 a minute, while other readers have prices listed as $10 a minute. Look thoroughly into your reader’s reviews and bio before making the decision to receive a reading.

Customer Service

Keen’s customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 4:30 pm. In general, their customer service team is available for the most part to help you with any issues you may experience in your readings.

They also have an option where you can email them if you have any concerns. If you are not satisfied with your reading, their customer service team may be able to help you out with that. You must contact them first regarding your situation, and you may be eligible to receive credits back for future readings.

? Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • Lower rates compared to other sites
  • Different types of readings available
  • Free three-minute trial for new customers
  • Readings via chat and phone calls


  • Refunds issued in credits instead of cash

#3. Kasamba – Best Platform for Online Tarot Readings

Kasamba is considered one of the best tarot card reading sites in the industry. Even if people may not know much about tarot reading, Kasamba is a name that is familiar to many, as it has been around for over 20 years.

It is one of the only sites in the market that has been known to have trusted tarot readers that are experienced in their work.

Each reader has tons of reviews to give you a perspective on what to expect with your guide. The thousands of reviews under each psychic/tarot reader really help everyone understand what they are getting into.


With tarot readings from Kasamba, the prices can vary depending on the reader’s experience and ratings. Some tarot readers on this site can be as cheap as $1.99, while others charge up to $20 per minute.

The price varies on how long your reading is. In order to receive a thorough reading, paying a bit more is recommended. It is hard to receive all your answers in the span of three minutes, so do keep that in mind when choosing your reader.

Customer Service

Kasamba has a team filled with loyal customer service representatives ready to help you with any issues you may experience when navigating through their site. In addition, their customer service team is available to help you through email and via a live chat option through their site.

? Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • Trusted site with 20 years of experience
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Offers various reading methods
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS users
  • Thousands of five-star psychics
  • Free three-minute trial with every new psychic
  • Discounts available


  • Can be expensive

#4. Asknow – Best Value for Your Money

Some readers might be on the lookout for the top online tarot site with services in Spanish, or different languages than just English. AskNow is perhaps the best website in the world for Tarot readings that take place in Slovak, French, Spanish, and English.

This is a highly descriptive site and tells you whether or not a psychic is available. It offers ratings for the psychic, and lets you know the years of experience they have. They also include the psychic’s astrology sign as well.

You can find plenty of great services on this site- namely, they do dream analysis, readings for spirit guides, goals/careers readings, past lives, pet readings, and dream analysis among others. This site also helps with energy defense, and you can also purchase psychic protection.


AskNow’s introductory offer gets you 30 minutes for $30, plus 5 free Elite/Master Minutes.

You may also choose $20 for 20 minutes as well.

Their top-rated advisors go anywhere from 3.99 to 9.99 USD a minute, meanwhile, their Elite Advisors go for 10 to 12.99 USD a minute; lastly, their Master Advisors cost 13 USD per minute and more.

Customer Service

Many customers enjoyed their helpful and highly insightful reading from AskNow’s experienced readers. The site has limited readers to speak of, but they do hire the best- so rest assured that you’re getting a quality tarot reading when it is your turn. This is why the majority of customers were happy with the services rendered at AskNow.

? Visit the Official Website of AskNow


  • Spanish and French readings offered
  • Highly experienced readers
  • You get 5 free Elite Minutes as an introductory offer
  • You can learn about the reader’s credentials before signing up for a reading


  • Their site design is a bit outdated.

#5. Oranum– Most Spiritual Readers of Tarot

Oranum initially caught our eye thanks to the uniqueness of the site. We noted that there were lots of listings on there for readers of many different skill sets, cultural backgrounds, and origins. It offers a wide selection of experienced tarot readers with many positive reviews.

However, it’s also easy to find readers whose specialty is holistic healing and Eastern reading styles.

This website feels different from the others, in that it offers unique services you don’t see in other places. It is one of the finest online tarot sites if you’d like to explore various methods of healing and readings.

Oranum focuses on one’s overall wellness and has a wide range of psychic readers from across the globe. You will find it easy to locate a psychic that speaks your tongue and offers you a reading in a language you’re comfortable speaking.


Purchasing coins is how you’ll participate in Oranum’s services. You then use coins to pay the psychics.

You get 10,000 coins just by signing up and providing a valid credit card. You may then purchase coin packages ranging from $5.99 to $479.99.

The coin system can be confusing to new users because you’re not sure what the average psychic costs. Most charge about 2,000 coins a minute.

So, consider purchasing a larger package so you can have a comfortable and thorough reading.

Customer Service

Based on customer reviews, not all readings are perfect, but most of the readers are accurate and superb at their craft. You just have to research a bit and find one who specializes in the area you seek advice for.

Customers enjoy the wide range of services offered by the site and they like that they can speak with readers before they book. Users also love that they do live video chat readings.

? Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • Free to speak with live psychics around the world
  • You can get perspectives from persons living overseas
  • Video call readings are available
  • Top 100 psychic list available
  • User-friendly site
  • Easy to find a psychic who speaks your language


  • Coin packages are pricey/confusing to new users

#6. Mysticsense – Free Tarot Reading for Five Minutes

Mysticsense is another high-quality reading site that deserves to be on our top three list for tarot card readings. This site offers a wide range of readers specializing in different types of work. The majority of the reviews that you will find on Mysticsense have positive feedback, which is a good sign when choosing a trusted brand for your readings.

Each reader listed on Mysticsense has detailed information regarding their specifications. This can help you retrieve a little bit more insight on which reader to choose. The website, in general, is easy to work through and is informative for newcomers. Mysticsense aims to make all of its consumers feel comfortable and welcome when receiving their psychic readings.


There is no set pricing when looking for a psychic or a tarot card reader through Mysticsense. Each reader has their own individual price listed based on their experience. Some readings vary from $1 a minute to over $5 a minute.

Some of the readers listed on this site offer readings through video chat and phone calls. These methods may be a little pricier than using chat messages; however, always choose a method that is best suited for your comfortability and lifestyle.

Customer Service

Their customer service team offers a variety of different articles and FAQs on their website to help anyone who may want to find answers themselves. If you are not able to find the answers to your questions, you are welcome to contact them via email through the help center listed on their website.

? Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense


  • Readings through phone call, video chat, and messaging chat
  • Low rates offered
  • Free five-minute trial for new users
  • Experienced, verified readers


  • Customer service only available through email
  • Delay on receiving refunds

How We Created This List of the Best Tarot Reading Sites

To compile this list of the best tarot reading sites of 2022, we did extensive research on each brand claiming to offer top-notch reading services. You would be surprised just how many fakes and phonies are out there. A lot of these sites claim to work wonders and unlock your inner self; however, we knew a lot of the brands on the internet were not legit.

We did the hard work for you by carving down our list based on what we believe makes a tarot card reading site the best. Each site is unique and offers its own benefits, so it is important to keep that in mind when looking through your options.

We wanted to ensure the best sites we provided for you were legit, trusted websites to receive tarot readings. We want you to receive an authentic reading from real professionals.

We looked through the numerous tarot reading sites in the market and pulled out the top three that are sure to guide you through any hardships you are facing. So, let us go over the things we considered when making this list.

What We Looked For

We wanted to provide you with trusted sites in order for you to receive good-quality tarot readings. We wanted to ensure newcomers to this method feel comfortable and confident in receiving this service.

When creating this list, we looked at the following:

  • We looked into the efficiency each website had to offer. We wanted to make sure each site offered high-quality tarot readings from legit professionals.
  • We looked carefully into consumer reviews. This did not wholly make our decision on which sites to choose; however, it did help influence what direction to go in. Consumer reviews told us plenty about their real-life experiences with using their site. After looking through thousands of reviews, we understood the ins and outs of each brand. This helped us differentiate the legitimate sites from the scams.
  • We looked heavily into other articles and researched these brands thoroughly before even considering them to be a part of our list. After collecting data from every corner, we made cuts to our list.
  • After coming up with a strong list, we looked into these sites and tested them for ourselves. After testing the sites and experiencing high-quality tarot readings from our top three sites, we were positive our list is a good place to start when looking for online readings. In addition, we were able to experience a tarot reading firsthand to better understand which sites to recommend to people everywhere.

A Beginner’s Guide for First-Time Tarot Card Users

The world of tarot card reading can be an influential, magical place. But, there are a few things to remember before picking out how you would like to go about your first tarot card reading.

Life can get hectic and make you feel like you have no control over where everything is heading. But, tarot card readings can provide a sense of relief from the uncertainty of not knowing. Turning over a few cards can make such a difference in someone’s day.

Tarot card readings can provide relief for those who need clarity on what the future may hold. These readings can also help people better understand themselves on a spiritual level.

  • What Is a Tarot Card Reading?

After looking over our top three choices for online tarot card readings, let us dig deeper into the readings themselves. But first, let us get over any misconceptions you may have about the use of tarot cards.

Tarot card readings are not magical gateways into the future. Tarot cards cannot predict your future, but they may be able to offer you insight into your life when it comes to the present and future. Tarot card readings help unlock knowledge that most people have hidden away without realizing it.

A tarot card reader is there to help guide you on your journey through self-awareness. However, an experienced tarot card reader should not claim the ability to see into the future.

A professional tarot card reader should be able to effectively operate on their intuition while connecting to a deep understanding of the person they are reading.

By doing so, they will be able to help you make any troubling decisions that you probably already know the answers to.

  • What Are the Components of a Tarot Card Deck?

Now that we know the purpose of a tarot card reading, let us go over the components that make up a deck. A regular tarot deck will usually consist of 78 cards in total. Each card in the deck has its own unique picture and story behind it.

Out of the 78 cards, 22 are known as ‘major arcana’ cards, which are what give you insights in a spiritual way. The rest of the cards in the deck are called ‘minor arcana’ cards, which are used to represent the struggles each person experiences within their life. Finding the right deck for some tarot readers may take more than one try.

Tarot card readers must find the deck that resonates with them the best and the one that is clear to explain. This is important for the reader in order to give a closely accurate reading. Now that you know the basics of what a tarot deck consists of, let us go over how to prepare yourself for one.

Before jumping into a reading, it is important to evaluate and understand your reasoning for a reading in the first place. You want to make sure you are clear in what questions you have and prepare yourself for answers you were not expecting.

  • Preparing Yourself for a Reading

Once you are fully aware of the questions you have, make sure to ask your reader questions with the possibility of open-ended answers, as this will lead you to a better understanding.

Stay away from questions that only have possibilities for yes or no answers, as these can be vague and can lead to even more confusion. To receive a thorough reading, it is best to go into any reading with an open heart and mind.

Although this may be a vulnerable state to be in, this method will give you the most clarity and self-awareness on a spiritual level. By putting your trust into your reader and the deck, the answers you receive will resonate with you and your path through life. Do not rely on the reader to ask you questions, and remember that your questions being prepared beforehand will give you the best possible answers.

The tarot reader will be able to direct you better once you are open with your questions and concerns. Do not be scared to question yourself once you receive a reading. It is completely normal to ask yourself questions after receiving a reading.

When going through your first tarot card reading, or any tarot reading, it is important to remember that this process should not be rushed. You want to make sure the answers you receive to your questions make sense and connect with your current path down life. So, do not be discouraged if your first tarot card reading does not go as expected.

  • Keep an Open Mind

First-time tarot card readings can feel a little invasive, especially if you are not 100% emotionally and mentally prepared to receive answers. If you ever come across a tarot card reading that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, do not be scared to stop. It is important that you are fully comfortable with the process; otherwise, the information you receive will be vague and useless.

If you are not ready for a reading, collect your thoughts and revisit your reasons for wanting a reading in the first place. It is important to remember that tarot card readings should not be rushed. If you are looking to get a thorough reading, looking for a cheap, rushed option is not the best choice.

A more in-depth reading will help reach the subconscious parts of your mind that you may not be able to access without professional help. Even if an accurate tarot card reading may seem a little pricier, the answers you receive may be more thorough and accurate. A professional tarot card reader should be able to connect with you on a spiritual level, assuring you throughout the process.

Moreover, always watch out for inexperienced readers, as they often give vague answers that can be given to just about anyone. These kinds of readers are what cause the misconceptions that surround tarot readings. After taking all of these criteria into consideration, we are sure you will be able to better prepare for any future tarot card readings.

Offline vs. Online Tarot Readings

There are two different ways to receive a tarot card reading — online and offline. In-person, or offline, readings can get a little finicky, and finding a tarot card reader in your area is where it gets complicated. There are not many reliable sources for in-person tarot card readers that may be available in your area.

And let us not forget to mention the hassle you will have to go through with traveling and booking appointments. Traveling to an in-person reader may be out of your way. However, online methods for tarot card readings are an excellent option for people who are not socially comfortable. We know it can be a little tough to be vulnerable in front of someone.

So, talking to a tarot reader through online chats, emails, or phone calls are great options for people looking to receive answers in a more comfortable setting. Online tarot reading sites are a great way to fit a reading into any schedule.

Furthermore, finding time to see an in-person tarot reader may not always work with your routine. Also, online tarot reading sites sometimes offer benefits like discounts, refunds, and more information on your tarot reader. You may not be able to get all of this information from in-person readers.

FAQs: Online Tarot Card Reading

Q1. Are There Different Types of Tarot Decks?

There are three main decks used in tarot readings — the Rider, the Thoth, and the Tarot de Marseille. The Rider and the Thoth were both created back in the 19th century by a supposed secret magic society. The Tarot de Marseilles is the French version and contains most of the original details from the original tarot decks.

Q2. What Can Tarot Readings Be Used For?

Tarot readings can be used to gather information and insight in fortune-telling, your love life, personal growth, and spiritual growth. As long as you are open-minded with an experienced tarot reader at hand, the possibilities are endless.

Q3. Can Anyone Read Tarot Cards?

The simple answer to that is yes, anyone can read a tarot card deck. But although you can read the deck, you must keep an open mind to fully understand the meanings behind each card. You must open yourself spiritually in order to receive your answers.

When reading tarot cards for yourself, it is best to start with one question first, which you should narrow into with a relaxed and focused mindset. If you are not quite sure how to go about doing a reading on yourself, it may be a good option to speak with a professional first to better understand the gist of it.

Q4. Can a Tarot Card Reading Tell Me the Future?

Tarot card readings cannot tell you about the future word by word. But, what it can do for you is offer you insight on what to expect down the path you are headed and what you may need to change. Tarot readings also help you unlock subconscious answers that you have probably always had but did not have the ability to release without help.

Q5. Are Tarot Card Readings Hard to Get Into?

Tarot card readings require an open mind and heart. However, going in with a closed mind is pointless when it comes to tarot readings. Tarot cards may seem overwhelming to learn; however, once you grasp the symbolism behind each card, the process seems easier.

Do not let it overwhelm you, and remember to have fun with it. When performing your first read on someone, it is an excellent option to use someone you are familiar with.

Conclusion: Online Tarot Readings

The world of tarot cards is mysterious yet intriguing. Tarot card readings have the capabilities to help thousands of people ease their worries and stresses. So many people go on throughout their days facing struggles that can be mentally and emotionally draining.

Constantly feeling this way can lead to a dead end. But, tarot card readings may be able to help people change the current path they are taking while offering advice on how to maneuver through challenges that may arise. Tarot cards cannot predict the future, but they sure can give people a sense of better understanding.

Tarot cards are not basic cards that can be shuffled and toyed with. These cards have the potential to help you become self-aware of your subconscious mind to help you in making better decisions for your future.

Tarot card readings may seem intimidating but are an excellent method to relieve pent-up stress or concerns. However, always make sure you are ready before diving into a reading. We are confident that this article will give you the needed tools to choose the right tarot reading site for you.

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