“I moved here two years ago. A friend from Highschool is working at the land trust for a stipend and said, hey can you help me have rent go further? And I said yeah, we’re in the middle of Covid, I just graduated college, I’m trying to get out of my parent’s house, yeah I’ll help you.

I went into a liquor store one day and I saw blood orange blonde and I said, that looks interesting and I tried it and was like wow, this is really good, who makes it? And it’s Mully’s Brewery, oh that’s neat, where they at?

Fifteen minutes from my house and the next day I filled out an application and I’ve been here ever since.

I’ve worked here for about a year. I love it here.

I did bartend for them and then they asked if I wanted to help on the canning line. They let me do a little brewing. And then I pulled back one of my hobbies from Highschool and I can recycle their aluminum cans into art.

It’s a good vibe. It’s good people. Our mug club is very supportive. People are trying to get back out. Especially as spring and summer come. We do have a great space and if have live music and a food truck here, it’ll get crowded.

Today Larry Hogan was here. He was going to see his daughter do something in St. Mary’s and somebody recommended Mully’s to him and he was like, yeah sure we can stop in, and boom. He was here for like 30 minutes, had a beer or two, and then went on his way.

My favorite part about working here is definitely the people that I get to interact with. Especially the owners. This is a mom and pop shop, they built this from the ground up, it’s their second child or third, I don’t know which came first. I don’t know how that works….but it’s one of their kids.?

We’re a family here. We all spend so much time together. And it’s a great community. All the people that come in, strike up conversations with anybody and they’ll tell you some crazy stuff about what’s going on. Good people come here.

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