Our Monthly Spotlight is shining brightly on local author Meredith Johnson!

Meredith released her new book “Just Like Daddy” on March 12th,, 2022 following the publication of her first book, “Just Momma”, in the previous year. Both of these books have been beautifully illustrated by Ellisa DiRenzo.

Our featured author has been recently recognized by the Maryland State Arts Council as an honored recipient of the 2022 Independent Artist Regional Award in the Literary Arts, way to go Meredith!

Mrs. Johnson started writing just nine years ago. While caring for both a toddler and a newborn, as a busy mom she knew of the many benefits of reading and managed to dedicate time for sharing her love of books with her family.

As time went on and her children grew older, Meredith fell in love with writing as much as reading. While sharing stories with her two young boys, Meredith would often make up new ways for the tales to end or add novel twists and turns to exist plots and pages. Frequent thoughts of “How fun would it be to make my own story?” crossed her mind on a daily basis!

As a life-long lover of books, Johnson has been inspired by the literary arts since her very own childhood. She relates that “I still love the giddy feeling I get inside when I read a really good book!”  In regards to her own duo of published books, Meredith’s sons and the fun that they have had together while collaborating their imaginations had sparked her desire to pen stories specifically for children.

Besides reading to her own family, Meredith loves reading to others – not just her books but any books at all! Most enjoyable for her have been the reactions of the audience, the unique ways in which the stories are interpreted, and just the pure joy of experiencing a good story together be it with a listener of one or a group of many.

In terms of the actual writing process, Johnson often finds herself beginning by staring at a blank notebook page or computer screen as her mind races with new story ideas. The anticipation of not knowing where a particular story may go is quite exciting to our author as she skillfully captures her thoughts and creates fascinating characters, colorful settings, and intriguing storylines.

Outside of her art form, Meredith enjoys working with a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. She runs the VBS camp every summer along with a group of dedicated volunteers who assist with this exciting outreach program. Johnson is also a self-described “huge reader” and loves to crochet. “Any time I can be creative, I’m happy!”

Shine on Meredith, thank you for being a valued member of our artistic community! We have very much enjoyed learning about your current projects and look forward to hearing about your future ventures!

To learn more about Meredith Johnson visit:

Website https://www.meredith-johnson.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MeredithJohnson.author



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