There was something about her when I spotted her and knew I had to meet her. I came up to her and said, “now you are special.” And she started speaking faith as soon as I approached her. Now that’s something.

But it’s a real something when you know that this interview took place in a food pantry.

As she was waiting for her food, she sat there and spoke to me. She had that level of faith. Now that’s a real something.

“I’ve always been with this faith.

Whatever I need, He will give to me. He takes care of me. And you know that He has greater things for me.

Everybody has a way of interpreting the word of God. No two people interpret it the same. There is one God to me. So I just talk to Him.

Whether you walk with Him or talk with Him, He gave His love to everybody. But see, it doesn’t always come from a church. It has to be within. No matter how many times people go to different churches… have it. It’s already molded in you.

It’s in you. He has to do it. And He is the only one that can do it. Everything we need is within us. It’s just to the point where you got to get to your destination.

I’m special. He gave me a gift.

I am the salt of the earth.

The spirit of the Lord, He lives in me. And I do my best to keep His commands.

Once He put it there, nobody can remove it.

Some people notice it. And some people don’t notice it. But they know that there’s something different about me.

And I tell Him all the time, I love you, Lord. I just love you because you are God. And no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Talk to Him. He hears you. He gave you His love. He gave it to everybody.”

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