“It was me and my brothers, I have two. And we lived with my grandparents. And my Grandmother was sick for a long time.

I eventually ended up moving out just so they had my brothers to worry about. I moved in with my aunt, and I’m living there and my grandma passes away. It was really hard, especially because she raised me since I was six years old.
Between my guardian passing away and me having to move and not having the money to do things…

For a little bit, I got into a deep depression. I just thought that things weren’t going to get better. I didn’t know what to do. But I think CTA (Career and Technology Academy) has gotten me out of that. It just showed me that I’m getting close to my future, and look at me, I’m doing it.

I didn’t have money for the certifications. And then out of nowhere, they said there are some people that want to do a motorcycle ride and give scholarships.

And with that, the Rotary Ride scholarship, I didn’t have to pay these big amounts of money that I didn’t have in order to get somewhere.

I don’t think I would be here today without it. I don’t think I would be in this classroom and doing what I’m doing.

Coming here and being able to get a career and do what I love doing has been amazing and these certifications are getting me a good life that I didn’t have before. They’re getting me to my future.

CTA has been the biggest help with everything going on in my life.
I never thought I would have anything like this or be able to do half of the things that I want to do in my life because of not having money or my guardian wasn’t doing well. It’s just been hard.

And when I came here, it just kind of opened my eyes that there are actually people out there that like helping. It makes me so happy to know that when people come in here, they can feel like that too.

Besides our skills, the biggest thing I’ve learned here is unity. We are so close now and support each other in everything that we do, our teacher supports us and it’s just the best environment that I think I’ve ever been in.

And you all coming in, definitely do change my perspective a lot. Like I see that there are people that support other people and like to help and get themselves involved in the community that surrounds them. And then there’s always still those people that don’t. But actually being able to see and experience such unity is like oh my gosh, okay, there is still some hope.

I want to get somewhere in life, have a good career and be successful. And feel safe and loved and like what I do.

I have two little brothers but I don’t know if they’re going to have somebody in the future. And I guess that just makes me strive harder.

Growing up and not getting help from other people has just taught me to help other people. And I felt like nursing was the best way to get with that.

I have been thinking about first getting my RN and eventually going into OBGYN and being a labor and delivery nurse and maybe in the future becoming an OBG.

I just feel like I can do what I really want to do and I can do what I love. I’m so grateful that there are people that did this. Cuz it gives me so much hope for the kids coming in. I know that there are going to be kids like me that have their stories, and haven’t had the best life and this is what they’re going to look forward to is getting that career and getting that future and getting out of a hole.

I can go to the next step and I can keep going and getting greater. It really shows you that if you put your mind to something, you can get it, as long as you really really want it.

Today I have a job interview at Calvert Internal Medicine. And I’m going to go to CSM.
Our last day for seniors is May 20th. I’m about to graduate and do what I love as a career and get more education and continue to grow. Because honestly, I didn’t believe I would ever be able to do what I really love.

I’m doing it and I am so beyond proud of myself. Like so beyond proud of myself.
Little me would be like wow. Like, look at that.”

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