Pumps have been a part of our lives for over 2,000 years. But until recently, the only kind of pump we had was the centrifugal pump. The problem with this type of pump is that it’s not very efficient at pumping solids and sludge to the desired level. It also requires more maintenance than other types of pumps, which means it can be less reliable and costlier in the long run.

The EDDY Pump is a revolutionary new pump design that outperforms all the other types of pumps in many different applications. The main difference between the EDDY Pump and other types of pumps is that it uses a patented design that allows it to “eddies” or rotate the fluid being pumped. This eddying effect is what allows the EDDY Pump to be so much more efficient than other types of pumps. It has multiple benefits over other types of pumps, so in this article, we will explain some of the most important ones.

Easier Maintenance

Pumping in general is a very demanding and difficult task, especially when it comes to the most challenging kinds of jobs. And that’s why efficiency and reliability are so important. This is exactly where EDDY pumps outperform all other types of pumps. They’re easy to maintain, they provide high output with low downtime, and they can pump solids up to 11-inches in diameter while still being able to handle fluids of high viscosity or specific gravity. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to pump your materials without worrying about maintenance costs, you should invest in an EDDY Pump. All of these features make it the ideal choice for a variety of applications, including mining, construction, oil and gas, wastewater treatment, and more.

Increased Efficiency and Output

EDDY Pumps are also much more efficient than regular pumps, thanks to their unique design. Unlike other pumps that use a single impeller to create centrifugal force, EDDY Pumps use two opposing impellers that work together to generate a vortex. This means that the pump can move more fluid with less energy, which results in increased efficiency and output. Tests have shown that EDDY Pumps consume up to 90% less energy than traditional pumps. This is a significant saving that can quickly add up, especially if you’re running multiple pumps or if you’re using them regularly. In addition, thanks to their unique design, they can handle up to 70% solids by volume, making them the perfect choice for applications like slurry pumping, dredging, and more.

Longer lifespan

EDDY Pumps are also built to last, thanks to their heavy-duty construction and high-quality materials. Unlike other pumps that are made from plastic or metal, EDDY Pumps are constructed entirely from stainless steel. And since they’re so efficient and easy to maintain, they tend to last much longer than other types of pumps. This means that you won’t have to replace them as often, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. Some EDDY Pump models have been known to last for over 20 years with proper maintenance. Every pump supplier wants their products to have a long lifespan, but few can match the longevity of EDDY Pumps. So if you’re looking for a pump that will give you years of reliable service, EDDY Pump is the way to go.

Versatile Design

EDDY Pumps are also very versatile. Thanks to their unique design, they can be used in a wide variety of applications. Whether you need to move water, oil, sewage, or even slurry, EDDY Pumps can handle it. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for many different industries, including mining, construction, oil and gas, wastewater treatment, and more. So no matter what your pumping needs are, EDDY Pump is likely to have a model that’s perfect for the job. Some pumps can also be customized to meet your specific needs by adding different attachments or changing the impellers.


EDDY Pumps are also very cost-effective. Thanks to their increased efficiency and longer lifespan, they tend to save money in the long run. In addition, since they’re so versatile, you can use them for a variety of different applications, which can save you money on buying multiple pumps. And since they’re easy to maintain, you won’t have to spend as much on maintenance and repairs. Some suppliers will also offer discounts if you purchase multiple pumps, so it’s worth considering if you need more than one. All of these factors make EDDY Pumps a great value for the money.

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If you’re looking for a pump that is efficient, easy to maintain, and built to last, then you should consider investing in an EDDY Pump. Thanks to their unique design and versatile applications, they are sure to meet your needs and save you money in the long run. So if you’re in the market for a new pump, be sure to check out EDDY Pumps. You won’t be disappointed.

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