This week we’re shining the spotlight on Queen and Diamond, in hopes that it will increase their chance of rescue / forever home!

Queen and Diamond were seized in May 2021 by animal control as part of a dogfighting case. Nine months later, after waiting for their owner’s day in court, the shelter was granted custody of the dogs. They didn’t have a fair start to their lives, and we hope that they get the chance they deserve.

They’re absolute lovebugs that like to get their zoomies out when they first get in our play yard.

After they have burned off some energy, they like to cuddle with you while they rest. Both girls love their toys. We have introduced both girls to other dogs and they seem to do well with other dogs. As always, we recommend a meet and greet with potential dog siblings.

Queen and Diamond are about a year and a half old, and they will just need someone that can be patient with them while they learn all the logistics of being house dogs.

To come to meet sweet Queen and Diamond, send an email to today!


Tri-County Animal Shelter (TCAS)

  • 6707 Animal Shelter Road
  • Hughesville, Md 20637
  • 301-932-1713

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