Travelers are not limiting their environmentally-friendly efforts to Earth Day. Prior to COVID, AAA Travel advisors noted significantly increased interest in destinations and accommodations committed to eco-consciousness and the organization now says it expects that interest to rise again with the overall surge in travel bookings, both domestically and abroad.

“Travel and tourism have a significant impact on the environment so many travelers are increasingly committed to ‘going green’ when they go – and those who cater to travelers are committed to going green as well,” says Amy Short, spokesperson for AAA Travel. “For instance, most cruise lines are taking steps to minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint and hotels are encouraging guests to skip the daily changing of towels and sheets in a bid to save water and energy.”

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Travelers themselves are making more ‘green’ decisions as well, such as opting for non-stop flights to limit greenhouse gas emissions and only using sunscreen that is not harmful to sea life.

On this Earth Day…

AAA Offers 6 Tips for Travelers who want to Go Green:

  1. Work with a Travel Advisor – Let your travel advisor know that, in addition to budget and other considerations, you would like to explore destinations and accommodations that prioritize sustainability.
  2. Choose the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation – choose a direct flight or, for trips of shorter distance, consider going by train or bus. When hitting the road, use your most environmentally friendly vehicle.
  3. Book eco-friendly lodgings – hotels are increasingly ‘certified’ as sustainable or otherwise likely to highlight their environmentally conscious efforts.
  4. Choose eco-friendly tours and cruises – Many cruise lines and tour operators offer sustainable options or employ eco-friendly practices.
  5. Be a low-impact visitor – Walk, bike or use public transportation when possible. Shop local and, on occasion, consider cooking your own meals.
  6. Reduce/reuse/recycle – Make the environment a priority when you travel just as you would at home. Limit waste and dispose of it properly.

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