April 22, 2022 (Chesapeake Beach, MD)– T. Dale Clark, MBA, announced his planned retirement as the Town Treasurer at the close of 2021. Serving as the Treasurer since October of 2018, Dales’s extensive background as a corporate Controller streamlined the Town’s accounting procedures, implemented successful internal and external audits, and ensured multiple levels of review of all financial transactions. Known for his willingness to return to the drawing board to bring new recommendations to Town Council to meet legislative goals, Dale’s easy-going yet process-oriented attitude will be missed greatly. 

T. Dale Clark at Town Hall Credit: Town of North Beach

During the April 21st Town Council meeting, Mayor Mahoney commended Dale’s work during the pandemic to bring forward revised budgets to reflect expected revenue downturns, assisting in the Town Council’s planning process to mitigate risks. 

“I have appreciated the opportunity to be your Town Treasurer.  However, it is time to start a new chapter in my life and begin my retirement. I want to thank the Mayor and Town Council for their support over the last four years, and I look forward to continuing to be a member of our community.” stated T. Dale Clark. 

Dale has served an instrumental role in the search process for a new Town Treasurer and participated in each prospective candidate interview. The Town Administrator and Town Treasurer reviewed a total of (16) sixteen candidates for the position of Town Treasurer, with (3) three final candidates brought before the Mayor and Town Council for final interviews. Dale plans to stay on board to assist with the Town Treasurer transition, providing a period of overlap and training. 

During April 21, 2022, Town Council meeting, the Town Council unanimously appointed Brittany Moran, CPA, as the new Town Treasurer. Brittany is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has worked for Queen Annes County for the last (3) three years as a Budget Analyst developing and implementing Countywide budgets.

Brittany also served as a Financial Statement Auditor for the U.S. Department of Labor – Office of the Inspector General. In addition, Brittany has served in accounting and auditing roles with several private firms. Brittany grew up in Calvert County and attended Windy Hill Elementary School. Her family joined her last night to watch her swearing-in by Mayor Mahoney as the Town Treasurer. Brittany’s first day as the Town Treasurer will be April 28th, 2022.

Please help us by thanking Dale for all of his steadfast work for the Town and by welcoming Brittany when you see her!

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