During April 21, 2022, Town Council meeting, the Chesapeake Beach Town Council approved the Comprehensive Plan 2021 Update.

Councilman Charlie Fink made two motions for amendments.  

MOTION #1 Failed:  Councilman Fink moved to amend Ordinance O-22-4 to specify a height limit of 35 feet from habitable space, with permission to build off-street parking utility space underneath at least as high as FEMA requires, but not to exceed ten (10) feet.  Seconded by Councilman Jaworski.  Ayes, Councilmen Fink and Jaworski.  Opposed, Councilwomen Beaudin and Hartman and Councilmen Morris and Pardieck. Motion Fails.

MOTION #2 Passed:  Councilman Fink moved to amend Ordinance O-22-4, page 66 of the Comprehensive Plan, under “Neighborhood Commercial,” to delete the sentence “The Plan recommends that the Zoning Ordinance be amended to eliminate the possibility that a residential apartment could be added to a commercial use in Neighborhood Commercial areas,” and replace it with, the following sentence, “New residential uses would be allowed only as residences above street-level commercial, and existing residential uses would remain as permitted uses.” Seconded by Councilman Jaworski.  Ayes, Councilwoman Hartman, Councilmen Fink, Jaworski, and Morris.  Opposed, Councilwoman Beaudin and Councilman Pardieck. Motion Passes.

The Council voted on Ordinance O-22-4 as amended.  Ayes, Councilwomen Beaudin and Hartman and Councilmen Fink, Morris, and Pardieck. Opposed, Councilman Jaworski. 

Ordinance O-22-4 passes as amended.

Chesapeake Beach Comprehensive Plan 2021 Update Passes by David M. Higgins II on Scribd

During the meeting and several prior Town meetings, the Mayor and Town Council thanked the Chesapeake Beach Planning Commission for their public outreach, diligence, and volunteer time for the Town of Chesapeake Beach citizens.  

To view more information regarding the Comprehensive Plan and the Planning Process, please visit www.planchesapeakebeachmd.gov. To view the Town meeting recording, please click here

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