Wow!  The Martin Experience at Island Music Company on April 20th, 2022 was one for the books!  Guitar Enthusiasts from all over the east coast came out to the MARTIN GUITAR EXPERIENCE at Island Music Company!  As soon as the clock struck 2:00 pm, a crowd filled the store and gathered around Brendan Hackett, sales representative for Martin Guitars, and the staff of Island Music Company to see Martin’s products and soak up the latest information on what was going on and what’s to come with Martin Guitar Products and how they can best fit their musical needs!

The acoustic sound of customers playing could be heard throughout the store while they found a spot to try out the guitars and see what worked for them.  Keith and Nicki Grasso, owners of Island Music Company, like to stay ahead of the game!  This was the very first Martin Experience POST-COVID in the entire USA!  They wanted to host this event and help the guitar community get back to doing what they love!  

It couldn’t have been a better day for folks to make the drive out to Southern Maryland.  With soaring gas prices, Island Music Company and Martin’s Service Station partnered up to provide gas cards with Martin Guitar purchases, for the ride back home!  There isn’t a more hometown feel than that of Main Street in La Plata, MD.  Island Music Company owner, Keith Grasso says, “We’re proud to partner with Martin’s Service Station to bring guests a warm La Plata welcome and let them know, Island Music Company isn’t just a small-town business, we’re a destination!”

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