Striped bass season opens Sunday, May 1.  In both the Potomac and bay the limit is one per day, with a 35-inch minimum.  This trophy season lasts until May 16 when the minimum changes to 19 inches in Maryland, one per day; and 20 inch minimum in the Potomac, 2 per day.

The spring has been unseasonably cool this year which may keep the big spawners in the bay longer and provide a good opportunity to catch a trophy fish this year.
In the meantime, the catfish are over the moon in the Potomac and Patuxent.  Fresh cut bait, a strong rod and reel, and stamina are all that are needed to load the boat.  The shoreline and pier fishermen can get plenty too.

There has been at least one croaker show up in the pound nets, several speckled trout, and quite a few spot.  The fish are coming, we just need consistent weather where the temperatures do not go below 50 at night.  That is not going to happen this week.
Crabs have not started moving yet. 

They are 2 weeks behind or more.

Freshwater fishing is good.  Plenty of bass, pickerel, and crappie.

Ken Lamb, The Tackle Box

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