Joint supplements can be lifesavers for extremely active runners and athletes who suffer from joint pain. The beating a runner or athlete’s joints take can be pretty substantial, considering the constant impact on unforgiving surfaces.

The problem is most joint supplement reviews are written from the standpoint of people who have arthritis, like the 50 and older or senior citizen demographic. This means supplements targeted explicitly for issues runners and athletes face might not be included in these reviews.

Joint Supplements for Runners and Athletes

Joint supplements for runners and athletes should be effective in several areas. First, anyone with the demands of a runner or athlete requires a supplement that reduces joint pain and offers protection.

Second, strength and maintenance must be incorporated, focusing on lubricating joints to maintain cartilage. With the right combination of joint pain relief and protection, runners and athletes can focus on performing at their best.

What Should Be In Joint Supplements for Runners and Athletes?

Several different types of formulas exist in the current market that might qualify as suitable for this demographic. This depends on what the primary focus is on and what you prefer individually.

Naturally, everyone’s preference is going to be different. However, as a rule, some of the following items should be present in supplements for runners and athletes to fight joint pain:


Chondroitin is one of the essential ingredients for battling joint pain. In clinical studies, chondroitin has been shown to maintain cartilage health and repair prior damage from past injuries. As you age, chondroitin can also be an effective ingredient to battle osteoarthritis and repair connective tissues. Besides the incredible effects on connective tissue, it fights knee osteoarthritis and helps joint swelling.


There might be no ingredient more vital in a joint supplement than MSM. This critical ingredient is necessary to produce collagen and chondroitin. It’s safe to say that without this essential building block, any joint supplement would find it challenging to compete among the most effective.

When MSM is combined with chondroitin and glucosamine, the effects are even more powerful. When taken together, these three ingredients significantly affect joint pain and protection. Not only do they repair damaged joints, but they also protect them from any damage in the future.


This amino sugar is essential for the health of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and the crucial synovial fluid that helps lubricate joints. Taking glucosamine in higher amounts helps your body deal with joint pain associated with shock and impact.

When athletes are trying to recover from injury, glucosamine can play an important role. This ingredient promotes the production of chondrocyte cells which repair the tissue around cartilage.


Turmeric is found in nearly every joint health supplement or natural joint pain relief formula available. The compound inside turmeric, curcumin, is incredibly effective at reducing inflammation.

Because of its effectiveness in reducing swelling, turmeric is excellent for activities that produce a high level of shock to the joints. Turmeric rich in curcumin content is highly effective at relieving joint pain and increasing the range of motion.

These ingredients should also come from a quality source and exist at the proper levels to experience the desired benefits. We found two quality products that we feel are qualified to receive our stamp of approval for being considered the best joint supplements for runners and athletes in 2022.

·        Physio Flex Pro

·        Performance Lab Flex

In the following sections, you’ll find a comprehensive review of these products and why we think they lead the back for runners and athletes who use joint supplements. If you live an active lifestyle or participate in sports, you might be wondering what joint supplements can do for the daily wear and tear on your body.

What Can Joint Supplements Do for Runners and Athletes?

If you’re a runner or an athlete, you undoubtedly deal with daily aches and joint pain associated with high levels of competition. Over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription options are unhealthy and habit-forming, but ignoring your body is never a good idea. Consider the following benefits supplements have for runners and athletes:

Cartilage and Tendon Strength

All of your joints consist of cartilage which absorbs a great deal of the impact whenever you run or participate in sports. Cartilage also acts as a protective layer, stopping bones from scraping against one another. The best joint supplements for runners and athletes strengthen cartilage and improve elasticity to avoid injuries.

Supplements protect healthy cartilage by providing nutrients your body needs. Cartilage damage from a previous injury is also improved to help avoid long-term challenges.

Joint Lubrication

When cartilage acts as a protective layer between bones, it provides a smooth surface for your joints to move. The more you use your joints, the smooth surface becomes damaged and becomes dry or brittle. This can happen because of inflammation or routine wear and tear.

Keeping your joints lubricated is vital to maintain flexibility and keep joint pain at bay from impact, injuries, and arthritis as you age. Joint supplements provide lubrication through proteins and other ingredients that help produce synovial fluid.

Joint Pain

Swelling around the joint tissues can become an issue because of high-performance levels and extended periods of exercise. This is a common occurrence that you don’t want to ignore. The best joint supplements lead to faster recovery, pain relief, and increased performance.

Now let’s look at our top two picks for the best joint supplements for runners and athletes and how they incorporate all of these elements.

1.     Best Joint Supplement for Runners and Athletes – Physio Flex Pro

Physio Flex Pro Total Joint Support uses 100% all-natural ingredients that are clinically proven effective. This supplement helps decrease joint inflammation and increase lubrication – both of which help reduce pain and wear and tear on the cartilage.

The powerful blend of ingredients in Physio Flex Pro contains optimal levels of only the most effective ingredients to help decrease joint pain. The following list gives you a preview of these ingredients and the specific benefits.

Turmeric – 200mg

As stated earlier, turmeric is a staple ingredient in nearly all joint supplements. The proven health benefits of this extract are unmatched by most other accessories, and the turmeric in Physio Flex Pro is high-quality and has a potent concentration of curcumin. Turmeric extract is a significant ingredient for battling chronic inflammation and helping to decrease the pain of high-impact activity.

Ginger Extract – 250mg

Ginger is another effective ingredient for battling inflammation. Combined with the pain-relieving properties of turmeric, this potent combination found in Physio Flex Pro makes an excellent solution to sports injuries and joint pain associated with over-exertion.

MSM – 100mg

MSM is a plant extract widely known for its effectiveness in combatting joint and cartilage pain. Studies have proven that MSM is beneficial for knee injuries, which is precisely what runners specifically require.

Bromelain – 300mg

Bromelain is primarily sourced from pineapple – more specifically, the stems. This ingredient is proven to relieve joint inflammation and flexibility issues. Additionally, it’s shown potential to be efficient in providing joint and muscle pain relief for arthritis.

Chondroitin Sulfate – 100mg

Chondroitin sulfate is required to help build cartilage, glucosamine, and other elements. This is incredibly effective at combatting the breakdown of cartilage tissue associated with routine wear and tear and osteoarthritis.

Black Pepper Extract 10mg

Black pepper extract enhances the bioavailability of different nutrients. One of the most important is curcumin. Combined with black pepper, your body can absorb significantly higher amounts of curcumin. As a bonus, black pepper has also shown the ability to boost brain function and promote more stable blood sugar levels.

This simple but impactful formula makes Physio Flex Pro stand out from the competition. It’s not just the ingredients themselves in Physio Flex Pro – it’s the levels and the quality. Other supplements lack the correct percentages and quality sources for ingredients; Physio Flex Pro includes only the highest-rated minerals, vitamins, and other additives.

Physio Flex Pros and Cons

These are the most significant advantages provided by Physio Flex Pro:


·        Powerful formula provides anti-inflammation relief for high-impact activities

·        Provides excellent cartilage repair and protection to preserve healthy joints

·        Combined ingredients relieve pain in multiple ways

·        Promotes restful sleep by helping relieve joint pain and delayed onset muscle soreness

·        Only contains research-backed ingredients

·        Acts faster than other joint supplements for athletes

·        Incredible value for your money among joint supplements for athletes


·        Only available through the official website; supplies are limited so the multi buy deal is recommended

If you’re a high-caliber athlete or a world-class runner, or even just a weekend warrior, Physio Flex Pro is the best joint supplement to deal with your aches and pains. It might not have a massive list of ingredients, but the ones it does have are optimized to treat joint pain.

There’s no wasted space or filler content in this supplement, and it’s effective for joint health on several levels. For more information about Physio Flex Pro, check out their official website at

2.     Best Joint Supplement for Runners and Athletes 40+ – Performance Lab Flex

Performance Lab Flex is one of the joint supplements for athletes and runners that’s vegan-friendly and easy on the stomach. Performance Lab Flex is an excellent option if you’re over 40 and still enjoy an extremely active lifestyle.

Although Performance Lab Flex is efficient for all ages, it explicitly targets rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis symptoms. The ingredients in this joint supplement are formulated to heal and prevent long-term bone grinding, giving users back their range of mobility after injuries or years of hard athletic or running competition.


Ingredients in Performance Lab Flex include:

·        Turmeric

·        Chondroitin

·        MSM

·        Glucosamine

·        Boswellia

·        Strontium

Joint supplements for athletes and runners should have a high ability to fight inflammation. After years of running and participating in athletic competitions, the body is prone to significant inflammation around the knees and other joints. Performance Lab Flex promotes bone health, decreases muscle soreness, and is great at reducing inflammation.

The combination of ingredients in this formula provides relief for this inflammation that damages cartilage and causes bone friction as time goes on. Here’s what we like the most about Performance Lab Flex:

Pros and Cons of Performance Lab Flex


·        Scientifically proven ingredients

·        Helps repair cartilage and bone health

·        Vegan-friendly blend

·        Great anti-inflammatory properties to help joint mobility

·        Excellent for veteran athletes and runners


·        Could take a couple of weeks of consecutive use to experience results

While it might provide relief for more of the symptoms experienced by veteran runners and athletes, Performance Lab Flex can be effective for all age groups of highly active people. For more information on Performance Lab Flex, contact is available through their website.

Best Joint Supplement Overall for Runner and Athlete Joint Health

Even though these products contain similar ingredients, Physio Flex Pro takes our number one spot for joint health supplements for athletes and runners. We made this decision based on several different elements.

First, the curcumin concentration in the turmeric is higher in Physio Flex Pro, making it faster acting for athletes that still operate at the highest caliber and who need relief immediately. Because of this, Physio Flex Pro also provides a faster recovery period, which is much needed for people who compete and need to maintain joint health.

If you participate in any of the following, Physio Flex Pro should be your go-to joint supplement.

·        Short and long-distance running

·        Bodybuilders and weightlifters

·        Wrestlers

·        Basketball players

·        Football players

·        Basketball players

·        Competitors on the tennis courts

·        Any other high-impact sporting event

Not only will Physio Flex Pro protect you from any additional injury while helping to relieve joint pain, but it also heals previous injuries. Whether it’s a prior injury slowing you down, normal wear and tear, or a substantial injury you’re trying to recover from, Physio Flex Pro has all the elements you need to stay competitive.

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