INDIAN HEAD, Md. — Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD) employees Frank Tse and Scott Bumgarner, a resident of Indian Head, Maryland, were honored with top civilian service awards on May 12. Tse, a Systems Engineering Department chief engineer, was awarded the Department of the Navy (DON) Meritorious Civilian Service Award, and Bumgarner, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt engineer, was honored with the Navy Civilian Service Achievement Medal. 

The DON Meritorious Civilian Service Award is the third highest Navy civilian award. It recognizes DON civilian employees for meritorious service or contributions resulting in high value or benefits for the Navy or the Marine Corps. The Navy Civilian Service Achievement Medal is the fifth-highest Navy civilian award. It honors DON and Marine Corps civilians whose sustained performance or specific achievement equates to the Navy, and Marine Corps Achievement Medal is awarded to military personnel. 

Bumgarner served as the command’s special projects manager and strategic planner from 2009 to 2020, where he drove senior leadership strategy, coordinated external messages, and led strategic and tactical initiatives. He directed the command to craft a 10-year FY16 to FY25 growth strategy, covering five goals and two supporting plans. The scope of this plan included up to 35 simultaneously active initiatives.

Within the first five fiscal years, the command grew by 467 personnel and 187 direct work-years towards the 400 work-year target. He also led the inventory conversion and implementation of the Operating Material and Supplies Enterprise Resource Planning module, including securing external funding for all wall-to-wall inventories. Bumgarner currently serves as an engineer for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  

NSWC IHD — a field activity of the Naval Sea Systems Command and part of the Navy’s Science and Engineering Establishment — is the leader in ordnance, energetics, and EOD solutions. The Division focuses on energetics research, development, testing, evaluation, in-service support, manufacturing, and disposal. It provides warfighters solutions to detect, locate, access, identify, render safe, recover, exploit and dispose of explosive ordnance threats. 

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