Over the last few years, the keto diet has taken over the nutrition and diet market, spinning off its own subcategory that’s garnered millions of followers. Since the keto diet became a household name, there have been websites, fan pages, social media groups, Youtube channels, and just about every other medium imaginable to promote this effective lifestyle change.

You can’t argue with the results – millions of success stories plastered on various social media platforms and streaming video sites don’t lie. The popularity explosion has even paved the way for an entirely new form of weight loss supplements to promote a faster way of reaching the keto dieter’s ultimate destination.

The whole point of the keto diet is to reach what’s known as ketosis. Achieving ketosis requires eliminating all carbohydrates from the body, forcing your body to produce ketones. The result is your body using these ketones and raw fat stores for the energy it needs.

Reaching ketosis results in losing weight rapidly, and for people with a significant amount of body fat to burn, a product that triggers faster ketosis is an attractive option. Kure Keto is one of the products that make these promises.    

What Is Kure Keto?

Kure Keto works as a support product and promises to help the body melt fat much faster than expected. It usually takes the body several weeks to reach ketosis and optimal fat-burning levels once someone starts keto dieting. This supplement claims to trigger this process much faster.

However, a search for Kure Keto results in multiple unfavorable reviews. The reason for the widespread dissatisfaction varied, so we decided to put the product to the test and see for ourselves.

Does Kure Keto deliver on its promises? If you’re a newcomer to the keto diet, does this supplement really trigger ketosis in the body faster than usual?

We break down the ingredients and results in this article, highlighting why we think passing on Kure Keto might be better.

Kure Keto Ingredients

We noticed the Kure Keto ingredients that it lists a proprietary blend of BHB salts consisting of magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate, sodium, and calcium beta-hydroxybutyrate. Makers also claim the formula is gluten-free, with additional non-active ingredients including rice flour, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, and microcrystalline cellulose.

Manufacturers claim their proprietary blend is unique, using the title above to cover the number of ingredients in their formula. However, this same blend is used in multiple keto products. Honestly, the combination of supplements used in their formula is far from unique, and nothing about the ingredients of this product makes it stand out to us.

How Does Kure Keto Work?

The goal of Kure Keto is to provide the body with excess ketones to promote the purpose of ketosis. Our body produces ketones naturally, but not at a fast enough rate to support any substantial weight loss.

Because our bodies use carbohydrates as fuel, it isn’t easy to obtain significant results until we’ve acclimated to the keto diet for several weeks. Kure Keto claims to use its formula to push the body to look for fat stores to burn instead of carbs and other fuel sources.

The makers of Kure Keto claim to solve a significant problem with most potential keto dieters. Usually, most new participants don’t make it past the initial two or three-week period and get discouraged when they don’t experience noticeable weight loss.

During the introductory period of the keto diet, the body becomes highly fatigued and even experiences a mental strain due to the shock of eliminating carbs. At this point, most individuals give up and end up right where they started.

Kure Keto supposedly provides the body with enough BHB salts to sustain the energy levels it needs while all your fuel burns on the production of ketones. The truth is, Kure Keto does use a proven model that’s effective in the ketosis process.

However, the problem lies in the amounts and quality of the ingredients. We’re assuming this is why Kure Keto avoids ingredient transparency by hiding behind the label of a proprietary blend.

How Do You Take Kure Keto?

The dosage recommendations for Kure Keto state the recommended dose is two capsules per serving. Makers also recommend taking this supplement with a meal and keeping the usage levels at one dose per day. The recommendations recommend consultation from our physician before participating in any Kure Keto regimen.

This might make some users feel a bit uneasy about taking this product. Is this supplement safe to use?

Is Kure Keto Safe?

Online searches turn up little to no information regarding the makers of Kure Keto and any clinical research reports. This leaves a large amount of room for questions and high levels of doubt regarding the safety and effectiveness of Kure Keto.

Additionally, the FDA has not evaluated this product and the maker’s claims. For this reason, and several others that we’ve already listed, we believe other products for keto dieting are far superior to Kure Keto.

The Bottom Line: Does Kure Keto Work?

So, does Kure Keto deliver results, or is it just a pretender? Since we were unable to find enough shared information to write a comprehensive review, the only way was to see for ourselves.

After reading our results, you are the judge regarding the sincerity of the claims the makers of Kure Keto make. For our test, we had three subjects. One of them didn’t take Kure Keto at all and simply participated in a regular Keto Diet regimen.

Our second test subject took Kure Keto for one month and discontinued use. We decided to use this dynamic because the one-month period usually is when the results of ketosis begin manifesting in any normal situation without the help of supplements.

Finally, our third test subject took Kure Keto for two months straight with no breaks in their regimen. All three test subjects followed similar diet patterns and exercise routines.

Two Weeks

After two weeks of taking Kure Keto, there was a clear lack of results. Honestly, no change in our body, energy levels, or any other category was noticeable or worth writing about.

One Month

After a month of taking Kure Keto, both of our test subjects were still without significant benefits as a result of this supplement.

Two Months

All three users began to experience the initial effects of ketosis after about five weeks, with weight-loss rates increasing into the six and seven-week mark. The results were uniform across all three test subjects, leaving us with only one possible conclusion.

Kure Keto provided little to no results at all during the two-week period. The subject who refrained from Kure Keto and the one who discontinued use after one month all obtained the same results as the subject who steadily used the product for two months.

Furthermore, after one month, the user who discontinued use experienced significant stomach issues while taking Kure Keto.

Kure Keto Side Effects

Our test subject experienced some pretty unsavory side effects after a week of using Kure Keto, and they seem to be in line with several reviews we’ve read from around the web. Side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea

These effects were experienced throughout the duration of using Kure Keto for the test subject who used the supplement for one month. Our tester who used Kure Keto for two months only reported mild stomach cramps from time to time, so we can’t attribute these directly to Kure Keto.

Upon refraining from using Kure Keto in his daily regimen, our subject, who experienced the side effects, noticed relief almost immediately. This lends substantial credibility to the potential of Kure Keto being the culprit of these undesirable side effects.

Kure Keto: The Bottom Line

Our strong recommendation after trying Kure Keto is to avoid this product at all costs. Not only did it not work, but our test subject also experienced significant digestive issues.

It’s never our goal to give any product an unfavorable review, and even in adverse situations, we attempt to find the silver lining in any product. However, it’s difficult to find any redeemable qualities for a supplement that produces no results at all and triggers an adverse reaction in the body.

However, we can recommend another product that produces results that fall in line with the overall goals and benefits of the Keto Diet.

Kure Keto Alternatives

PFX Labs manufactures a supplement known as Fighter’s Core that’s garnered significant buzz and is well on its way to becoming a heavy hitter in the supplement industry. What’s so beneficial about this formulation compared to others in its category?

The answer is simple: The Keto diet is designed with heavy scientific research at its core and requires following a strict set of guidelines to reach a particular biological process. The exact amount of scientific research is put into creating Fighter’s Core, and the game-changing ingredients list falls in line perfectly with all the critical points of keto.

Fighter’s Core Ingredients

Fighter’s Core contains the following ingredients:

  • Chromium Picolinate: This ingredient acts as a powerful appetite suppressant, allowing you to control your hunger while powering through the initial stages of the keto diet.
  • Coleus Forskohlii: The benefits of Fighter’s Core rely heavily on this ingredient. This compound single-handedly targets stored fat cells for energy use, helps control cravings, strengthens bone density, and aids in digestive health.
  • Calcium HMB: Calcium is an added benefit that promotes healthy bones. It’s an addition aimed explicitly at bodybuilders, who are the target demographic of the manufacturers
  • Green Tea: The antioxidants in green tea provide mood-boosting abilities, while caffeine is a powerful proponent of fat oxidation.
  • Capsimax Cayenne Pepper: Fighter’s Core uses a specific energy formula provided by cayenne pepper to increase metabolism.

If you want a product that works well with the elements of the Keto Diet, Fighter’s Core is a fantastic option. Although not directly marketed as a product for this diet specifically, the results triggered by Fighter’s Core match perfectly with the changes made in the diet and body while sticking to a Keto regimen.

However, don’t take out word for it. Head over to the Fighter’s Core official website to place your order today.

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