You might be thinking what do Island Music Company and Foster’s Grille have in common?  Not only are they both small businesses in La Plata, MD but, they both strive to enrich the lives of the local youth in the surrounding area!  

Jeremy Campbell, owner of Foster’s Grille(L) and Keith Grasso, owner of Island Music Company(R) Credit: Island Music Company

Back by popular demand, Island Music Company is happy to offer several weeks of Summer Band Camp this summer, featuring Dylan Gausman.  For several years, this has been an extremely successful camp, and spaces fill up fast!  The local youth love working with Dylan and learning all types of music from rock-jazz and become educated on how to start a band!  At the end of their summer band camp week, they can perform for family and friends!  It’s the experience of a lifetime!

However, this year, Foster’s Grille has offered to host the performances to give the students a chance to really perform in front of an audience at the end of their scheduled band camp week.   Keith Grasso, owner of Island Music Company, and Jeremy Campbell owner of Foster’s Grille are pleased to be working together this year!  

Keith Grasso, the owner of Island Music Company, says, “We’re very excited to launch a revamped version of this year’s Island Music Band Camp!  We think the new format will allow students to participate in a “real-life” gig experience.  They will be performing in front of family and friends, in a local venue with great ambiance and a family atmosphere!  Foster’s Grille was a natural fit because they focus a lot of attention on supporting community activities and enriching the lives of community members.  We are really looking forward to having our students showcase their talents in front of a live audience again this year!”  

If you know an aspiring musician who would like to participate in the ultimate SUMMER BAND CAMP experience at Island Music Company this summer, give them a call to see if they have any available dates that will work for your child!  Or, if you’d like to come out and support these students and enjoy a great meal, check out Foster’s Bar & Grill!

For more information, contact Island Music Company at 301-392-3960.

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