Becoming a personal trainer is a dream job for most fitness enthusiasts. You get to combine your love of fitness and knowledge with helping someone achieve their fitness goals.

But to become a personal trainer, you’ll need a CPT certification. You’ve probably already researched the various certification exams and picked ACE as the best one for your skillset.

However, now you’re trying to figure out how to prepare for the exam. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some of the necessary study materials to help you ace the ACE exam (see what we did there).

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1. Get the Textbook

ACE, or American Council on Exercise, has a textbook called the ACE Personal Trainer Manual. Now, books might give you slight PTSD thinking about your high school or college days.

But in this case, you’re going to need to read the textbook. Maybe not from start to finish, but you’ll need to thoroughly understand the material if you want to pass the exam.

The manual is filled with so much important information, such as:

  • Case studies
  • Review questions
  • Practical application examples

It would benefit you and your future clients if you didn’t skim through the textbook.

Furthermore, you’ll be taking the ACE exam. So the way they word questions or discuss information might be different from other certification exams. Knowing their criteria is essential to help you pass.

Also, at the end of each textbook chapter is a review section. It covers the essential areas of each chapter and has a few questions you can quiz yourself on.

2. Review the ACE Study Guide

One of the best components of today’s society is online accessibility. You can find a solution to any problem, including the ACE exam.

If textbooks aren’t your thing, there’s the ACE study guide. It’s an excellent online resource that succinctly delivers the relevant information and can help you pass the test.

The material is broken down into four main sections, with various subsections outlining the ins and outs of exercise science. There are also multiple bookmarks since there’s a lot of information you’ll need to cover.

But the best part is this resource is free. So you won’t need to come out of pocket to use it as you did for the textbook.

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3. Practice Quizzes are Your Best Friend

Another beneficial exam preparation tool is practice quizzes. They provide a general idea of how well your studying efforts are paying off.

Don’t worry if you don’t pass a practice quiz. The information can be challenging to grasp the first time around.

In fact, it’s better to take as many quizzes as possible. They’ll help you identify your areas of weakness, so you’ll be able to brush up on them a bit more before the actual test.

If you feel like you’ve mastered the practice quizzes, take a crack at the full practice exam. You’ll really put your knowledge to the test and see if you’re comfortable with the material.

If you’re not, that’s okay. Review the relevant sections and try again. Once you pass with a score to your liking, you’ll be ready to take the actual exam.

4. Create Flashcards

There will be a lot of definitions and exercise science components you’ll need to know. So the best way to ensure you can memorize everything is by using flashcards.

They’re a better option than long, drawn-out study guides because you’ll be able to absorb information faster. But don’t get alarmed if you haven’t remembered anything after the first few rounds.

It will take a moment for your brain to get used to this quick memorization technique. But once it does, you’ll have no problem remembering the key terms.

You’ll have extra time on your hands after reviewing your flashcards. Then you can use the additional space to study any information that requires a more in-depth review.

5. Use Mnemonic Phrases

There’s no doubt your brain will be overwhelmed by the amount of information you’ll be absorbing as you study. But a simple way to combat this is by using mnemonic phrases. It’s a tool that can help you remember large amounts of information or important facts.

The secret? Use funny phrases that are a little bit out there. You can even create a song, acronym, or rhyme. You’ll be surprised at how easy it’ll be to remember complicated concepts once you implement this technique.

These Materials Can Help You Pass the ACE Exam

The ACE Exam is one of the more challenging certification exams out there. But it doesn’t mean preparing for it needs to be complicated.

Use the suggestions above to help build a solid foundation. Once it’s time to take the exam, you’ll feel more confident in your abilities and pass with no issues.

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