A brand new exhibit by local artist Allen Price is now on display at the Lexington Park Library, be sure to catch it during this limited-time run!

Original photos on metal are the focus of this captivating show which shines even brighter when seen in person. Each of Allen’s images is featured on a shiny aluminum base, reflective of a unique beauty while still preserving intricate details and vivid colors.

Learn more about Allen from the fascinating interview below including stories about cold feet wedding photography, the challenges of taking pictures while avoiding being consumed by your subject, and his work as a faculty member at Patuxent High School.

Allen how long have you been involved in the participation with your art form?

“I started to learn photography almost 20 years ago. I picked up a camera because I wanted to improve Patuxent High School’s school magazine which I was the sponsor of at the time. I started learning event photography by taking photos of prom, theater, and sporting events but never weddings. Don’t ask me to photograph your wedding. (Well, I did one wedding because an amazing former student of mine was marrying another amazing former student of mine, but that’s it.).”

Do you have a favorite medium or other favorite aspects of what you do?

“I love landscapes and wildlife and insects.  I love the thrill of discovery. I love how unpredictable nature can be. I also love the honesty in nature. When I hike, I always have the telephoto in my hand and ready to go because I don’t know what will pop out in front of me on the trail.  I’ve encountered bears, rattlesnakes, pine martens, otters, eagles, blood-bloated ticks, etc. all at the moment and you feel so much more alive as you are trying to photograph and not be eaten. You are capturing a moment: a true, honest moment and that’s beautiful.”

What have been your past and/or present inspirations?

“I grew up reading National Geographic or Ranger Rick. The photos in there (more so in National Geographic than Ranger Rick) always inspired me.  The patience the photographers had (and the luck) and the work ethic to capture the perfect moment influenced me to work harder in photography and anything I was working on”

What are a few of your other interests or occupations outside of your art, community volunteerism, or anything else that you would like to share with us?

“The work is being the theater director at Patuxent High School.  I LOVE THIS CAREER!  It utilizes all the areas that I’m interested in.   Aside from working on acting, I get to photograph the shows and create a lot of the banners and photos, and advertisements for the productions, and it also uses my carpentry skill set.  I love building sets and creating props.  Last fall we did Treasure Island and I figured out how to make a cannon and built tons of treasure chests.  So, nothing really useful around the house but still cool to look at.”

Allen’s work is currently on display now thru June 30th, 2022 at the Lexington Park Library located at 21677 FDR Blvd, Lexington Park, MD 20653. Present library hours are Monday thru Thursday from 9 AM to 8 PM, Friday and Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM, and Sundays from 1 to 5 PM. Please visit the library’s website or call them at 301-863-8188 for any library-related questions or any updates during hours of operation.

Admission to the Gallery, located near the main desk, is free and open during all library hours.

This display is presented in collaboration with Allen Price, the Lexington Park Library, and St. Mary’s County Arts Council. The in-house Library Gallery pays tribute to the late Candy Cummings who had the vision to create a community exhibit space in order for the display and appreciation of the works of local artists.

Select photos will also concurrently be featured at a mini-show at the St. Mary’s County Arts Council Gallery & Gift Shop for the month of June 2022. An Opening Reception for this specific exhibit will be held at the Arts Council on First Friday, June 3rd from 5 to 8 PM. Meet Allen at the Arts Council in person and learn about his work!

Be sure to catch both of his shows at the library and the Arts Council as the images are different for each exhibit.

Allen Price links of interest:

Allen Price Website – https://www.allenpricephotography.com/

Patuxent Harlequins (Patuxent High School Theater) – http://patuxentharlequins.weebly.com/

Additional links:

Lexington Park Library – https://www.stmalib.org/

St. Mary’s County Arts Council – https://www.stmarysartscouncil.com/

Event information for the mini-show at the St. Mary’s County Arts Council Gallery & Gift Shop is available at the Arts Council website above and also on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/smcartscouncil

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