Our Spotlight on the Arts is shining brightly on Tattoo Artist and small business owner John Hudson!

We selected John after coming across a most fascinating picture captured of him taking a short break during a  busy day with a full schedule of clients.  

This single image, as portrayed in black and white by photographer Bert Hindman, sparked an interest in us to learn more and a desire to share a small window’s view of Hudson’s life and an excerpt of his story.

As an artist with over 32 years of experience in his trade, John first started tattooing back in 1989. Just five short years later he opened his very first tattoo shop located in Huntingtown, Maryland. One shop led to another with subsequent past ownership of studios both in Prince George’s County as well as in Calvert County.

Hudson’s current shop opened in September of 2021 in the Wildewood Shopping Center, tucked between Ulta and the Wildewood Bakery, yet easily spotted by the big and bold yellow “Tattoo” sign. The prior Ink Wizard location was also in St. Mary’s County, just over a half-mile away on By the Mill Rd.

John’s innate passion for his art form instilled in him a deep fire to create artwork designed to last a lifetime for his clients. Many of his customers are dedicated long-time followers for whom he has provided tattoo work both small and large, plus all sizes of work in-between.

Hudson’s favorite styles and specialty areas, both of which he is well-known for and are often reflected in his extensive portfolio, including influences from the realms of both Realism and traditional Japanese influences.

In the tattoo world, “realism” refers to an artistic perspective that creates a tattoo similar to a photograph or real-life 3D object in appearance. This style requires extensive experience by the artist and produces an end result that is finely tuned and intricately detailed, all areas in which John has proven to be masterful.

Traditional Japanese artwork often includes folkloric figures, dragons, waves, clouds, and other elements of nature. Hudson could tell you much more about this topic as it encompasses one of his very favorite interests!

John comes from a long line of entrepreneurs – his family members have owned gas stations, mechanic shops, restaurants, bowling alleys, bars, and towing companies. His daughter Jessica works alongside him at Ink Wizard and his son Jeremy owns King of the Bay Tattoo across the bridge in Solomons.

Through many hours of long days and nights spun into an established career of well over 30 years, John’s dedication to honing his craft and serving his clients has laid the foundation for Ink Wizard to be recognized as the longest-running tattoo shop in the area.

Our featured artist also credits his dedicated team of co-workers who have joined him on his personal and professional journey in providing the highest quality of services within the scope of a clean, comfortable, and welcoming setting.

Although much of his working day is spent with the physical tattoo process, John also spends considerable time on an individual basis planning the artwork and making sure his clients receive beyond exceptional care both before and after their session. “You won’t walk away from our shop unhappy” is a motto that Hudson adheres to for each and every one of his customers.

Outside of his life as a professional tattoo artist, John very much loves working on motorcycles, particularly restoring antique bikes. His creativity with restorations has even garnered multiple awards at various motorcycle shows and conventions.

Thank you John for being a valued part of our artistic community and bringing a hard-to-match wealth of experience and dedication to the tattoo industry as a whole!

Learn more about our featured artist at the links below:

Ink Wizard Tattoo (Tattoo & Body Piercing)

  • 23415 Three Notch Rd. #2033B, California, MD 20619
  • Telephone: (301)866-0086
  • Email: californiainkwizard@gmail.com
  • Website: www.inkwizardtattoo.com
  • Facebook: Ink Wizard Tattoo and Piercings (@californiainkwizard)
  • Instagram: Ink Wizard Tattoo, Inc (@ink_wizard_tattoo)

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