(The Center Square) – Gas prices have hit record highs day after day in recent weeks, breaking the $5 mark over the weekend for the first time ever.

Those higher prices have put many Americans in a bind as they also deal with the highest inflation in decades. 

The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas hit a record-high $5.01 Monday, up from $4.43 a month ago and much higher than the price of $3.08 this time last year.

All 50 states around the country have seen major price hikes, though some more than others.

With average prices varying by state, here is the breakdown, from highest to lowest, of the regular gas price for every state in the nation.

Gas Prices State Ranking

StateCurrent PricePrice One Month AgoPrice One Year Ago
1. California$6.44$5.87$4.23
2. Nevada$5.66$5.14$3.66
3. Alaska$5.57$4.82$3.37
4. Illinois$5.56$4.81$3.35
5. Washington$5.55$4.92$3.62
6. Oregon$5.54$4.90$3.47
7. Hawaii$5.53$5.31$3.97
8. Arizona$5.32$4.72$3.12
9. Indiana$5.22$4.41$3.05
10. Michigan$5.22$4.35$3.17
11. Idaho$5.10$4.50$3.29
12. Maine$5.08$4.46$3.06
13. Pennsylvania$5.07$4.58$3.18
14. New Jersey$5.06$4.50$3.07
15. Ohio$5.05$4.29$3.03
16. Massachusetts$5.05$4.48$2.95
17. Vermont$5.05$4.48$2.99
18. New York$5.04$4.68$3.11
19. Rhode Island$5.02$4.46$2.97
20. Maryland$5.02$4.41$2.99
21. Utah$5.02$4.48$3.37
22. New Hampshire$5.00$4.40$2.94
23. Delaware$4.99$4.40$2.97
24. Connecticut$4.98$4.40$3.09
25. Wisconsin$4.92$4.20$2.92
26. West Virginia$4.91$4.24$3.00
27. Montana$4.91$4.27$2.96
28. Florida$4.89$4.47$2.97
29. Colorado$4.88$4.12$3.22
30. Virginia$4.86$4.27$2.93
31. New Mexico$4.83$4.28$2.97
32. Kentucky$4.80$4.22$2.91
33. North Dakota$4.77$4.11$2.89
34. Minnesota$4.76$4.10$2.86
35. Wyoming$4.76$4.24$3.14
36. Nebraska$4.76$4.09$2.91
37. Iowa$4.74$4.13$2.87
38. South Dakota$4.72$4.14$2.93
39. Missouri$4.68$4.03$2.76
40. North Carolina$4.67$4.21$2.88
41. Kansas$4.66$3.99$2.85
42. Texas$4.66$4.11$2.76
43. Tennessee$4.64$4.17$2.88
44. Oklahoma$4.64$4.00$2.75
45. Alabama$4.63$4.14$2.82
46. South Carolina$4.61$4.13$2.80
47. Louisiana$4.55$4.09$2.72
48. Arkansas$4.54$4.01$2.77
49. Mississippi$4.52$4.02$2.72
50. Georgia$4.48$3.95$2.91

Compiled with data from the American Automobile Association.

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