If you want to increase sales or boost productivity of your employees, training is essential. And for proper training, selecting the correct online course platform is critical. The top online course systems can assist you with anything from developing a course site and accepting fees to publishing videos and engaging with learners.

Online educational systems are exploding as a result of the acceleration of e-learning caused by social distancing. In fact by 2025, the industry of e-learning and online courses is estimated to be valued at $325 billion.

  1. Eduflow

Eduflow is a multi-purpose Collaborative Learning Platform that is ideal for business development and higher learning. You would be able to operate collaborative, group learning experiences that engage learners and boost knowledge retention using its contemporary, easy user interface. Eduflow can be used as a standalone LMS or connected with an existing LMS. For more information click here to read our Eduflow review

  1. Thinkific

Thinkific’s price is comparable to the other low-cost solutions on this list, and it can provide a high-quality learning experience. Other features include:

  • Course sites can be designed to look nothing like Thinkific. 
  • The sales webpages are well-designed and optimised. The learner dashboards are attractive and customisable (you could add clips, texts, or any other installable file type to the same page). 
  • You have the option of sending your full course at once or in stages.

Despite the fact that Thinkific subscriptions start at just $49 a month, major companies like Fiverr use it to provide classes online.


  • Email marketing automation and features 
  • Start with a simple free plan. 
  • You have complete control over the coding of your course website. 
  • Course certifications that can be customised. 
  • Personalized domains. 
  • Help with affiliate marketing and reporting.


  • The setup has a minor learning curve. 
  • Integrating other social media platforms and customer relationship management systems would be a wonderful touch.
  1. Learnworlds

Learnworlds is a solution designed for course developers who want to engage their participants in novel ways. 

Consider quizzes, simulations, and interactive films, among other things. 

Although the student engagement is not as attractive as that of a Thinkific course, it is distinct in that it provides students with more participatory eLearning content.

Main Features: 

  • The Learnworlds staff is available to assist you. You can watch instructional videos, read how-to guides, or even interact with our customer service representatives live. 
  • Utilizing our Mobile App Creator, you can quickly construct a mobile phone app for your classes. Your students will be able to take your courses with them everywhere they go! 
  • Your students can connect and work together using the Learning Community option. They could discuss their thoughts, pose questions, etc. 
  1. Teachable

If you would like a quick and simple course creator, Teachable is a solution. It is recommended for newcomers getting their feet wet in the academic industry since it is one of the cheapest and easiest to use solutions. 

Key Characteristics: 

  • Bring on the experts who will assist you in creating the core curriculum. Anyone may become a Teachable educator and express their ideas with the rest of the world. 
  • Create beautiful, profitable sales pages to help you sell your courses. Teachable makes it simple to create a portal that converts visitors into customers.
  • Connect with your own domain using their domain, or utilise Teachable’s built-in domain to get involved early. 
  • Straight from the Teachable account, you may talk to your students in real time and arrange and host webinars. Educate your students in a different way. 
  • Create and manage online classes that fit your hectic schedule. Teachable makes it simple to schedule lessons.
  1. LearnDash

LearnDash is one WordPress plugin that gives you everything you need to offer courses on your website. 

Infusionsoft, the University of Michigan, Yoast, and WP Elevation are among the notable names who use LearnDash, a prominent WordPress LMS plugin.

One amongst their initial features is “Focus Mode,” that eliminates all disturbances while students are working through a class. The full program builder from LearnDash works nicely with their email drip strategies. With your own website, you may create a superb online class and combine your material with an email drip plan to send lectures as per a schedule.


We rated and reviewed the 5 best online course platforms, as well as our top picks, in this article so you can choose the ideal one for you. 

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