Spot in medium-to-large size is in the mouth of the Patuxent from the O’Club to the Three-Legged to Drum Point. Medium and small spot are up the river all the way to Benedict; the jumbos will be there soon.  

There is plenty of perch in the deep holes of the rivers and up the creeks. A mix of perch and spot are in the mouth of Cuckold’s Creek, Hawk’s Nest, and off the pier at the Naval recreation pier north of Point Patience.

Rockfish slacked off a little everywhere with the weather front that passed early in the week, cooling the temps from 90 to the 70s and dropping the humidity, and bringing fierce winds.

The water also fled leaving extreme low tides.  All these conditions make the fish hide and stop eating.  By Monday, normalcy returned, and the fishing improved.

Cobia are in the farther southern reaches of our area.  Boats chumming, chunking and drifting live eels are catching some cobia at Smith Point, but the faster action is near the mouth of the Rappahannock.  The fish are coming further north every day.

Speckled trout are all over with the best numbers on the eastern shore side in the Honga River and in Tangier Sound.  There are some now in the Patuxent and the Potomac and the size is excellent, from 18-to-24 inches.

Ken Lamb, The Tackle Box

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