The real professionals have all the days in the wedding season scheduled for months in advance, so it is advisable to select a photographer for the wedding half a year before the celebration or even earlier. We devoted this article to recommendations on how to choose a good wedding photographer.


So, you’ve decided on the concept of the celebration and have a clear idea of the style of photos you want to get. So where do you start when choosing a photographer for your wedding?

First of all, ask people you know whose wedding photos you like, and who took those shots. Make a short list and add to it those professionals whose work in your social networking feed has repeatedly caught your eye. You’ll end up with a short list of photographers.

All of them must be engaged in wedding photography. Since a photographer engaged only in the product photography may not cope with timings, lighting on the walk in the woods and at the ceremony, or with the best angles.

Experience is an important criterion because talent is great, but if a novice photographer has never shot a marriage registration before, he or she may get confused and miss some nuances.


The next step is to look at the photographer’s portfolio. Be sure to ask for a link to the site and a series of shots. Of course, no one will publish a hundred similar photos, but if of the whole shooting day only a dozen frames look decent – it’s a bad sign.

To accurately get an idea of the photographer’s style, ask him to send you a photo of the whole wedding day – from the couple’s departure in the morning until the final fireworks. This way you can determine what type of work the photographer does best. Sometimes the best solution is to hire two photographers for your wedding, one for portraits and one for reportage.

If while viewing the portfolio you were confused by the number of high-quality photos – feel free to look for another photographer.


Perhaps the main criterion for choosing any contractor is personal sympathy. It doesn’t matter how much you correspond on social networks, if you don’t feel comfortable with the photographer when you meet him, you won’t have well-coordinated work. During the photo shoot, you have to feel relaxed, make contact, do not be afraid to show emotion on camera.


The photographer should certainly be punctual – you do not want to be nervous on the wedding day because he was late? After the conversation, analyze how professional the questions were, whether they were about the essence of the case or the details of the celebration. Or, unfortunately, it was only a “self-presentation”.


The services of an experienced professional photographer cost a lot of money. If you do not intend to experiment with young photographers, we do not recommend saving on this point. During the meeting just specify the possibility of ordering a package at a discount, options for “packages” and other financial nuances – as a rule, all issues are discussed individually.


Despite all the advice on how to choose a photographer for a wedding, the main requirement will still be a personal liking. Do you like all the works in the portfolio, there were no awkward pauses in the meeting, the communication was comfortable and the person is a professional? Then this is the specialist you need.

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