The Listen to You (L2U) project started in 2019. Today, the first projects are in place in Eastern and Western European and Central Asian companies. The idea that crossed Sergey Matsotsky’s mind and seemed promising to him was to leverage BPM platform capabilities to manage customer communications. “As far as I know, nothing like that is done by anyone in the world to date,” says Matsotsky.    

Who is Sergey Matsotsky (Wikipedia)

  • Matsotsky Sergey is a programmer, entrepreneur, and investor.
  • He founded the IBS company (system integrator) in 1992 and exited the business in 2020.
  • In 1999, he established the international company Luxoft (software developer), which was sold in 2019.
  • In 2020, he founded GS-Invest Holding, composed of several IT companies.
  • Open Source technology enthusiast.

Matsotsky about the L2U idea

Banks, telecom providers, and online stores communicate with their customers through different communication channels – instant messengers, online chats, and mobile apps, by phone and email, using SMS and push notifications. It is sometimes a conversation with a live operator but increasingly frequently with a robot. The first communication channels appeared decades ago, while others have been added only recently. Companies try to integrate information from various sources into a single platform, but for now, few succeed in bringing communication channels together to build a complete ecosystem.

This creates challenges for the company and its customers alike. Everyone has experienced a situation where it is hardly the first try that one can reach out to the company and have his question answered. In some cases, it comes to describing the problem several times. Customers also have preferred communication channels – some find it more convenient to discuss the issue by phone, and others prefer to use messaging apps and not to answer unidentified incoming calls.

Bringing together all communication channels on one platform is a long and costly process, and this is not always possible and reasonable. “I thought of some tool that would allow combining different communication channels, to make interaction end-to-end, and to develop communication with each specific customer individually,” said Sergey Matsotsky.

How the L2U technology works

Consider the example of a call center agent. The agent utilizes several systems, sometimes as many as fifty. When answering a customer’s call, the agent does not know what kind of problem the customer has. Having heard the inquiry, the agent looks through the content in the systems where he believes he can find the information necessary to serve the caller’s need. The service process becomes too long. What’s more, to have access to the desired specialist, the customer needs to go through several stages.

The L2U solution is an automated workstation (AWS) design tool and a process (BPM) design tool. The solution comes into play when a call is received: the system identifies the caller by the telephone number and gleans the customer interaction history from all sources. The algorithm also analyzes the latest events and activities. For example, the customer has just blocked a bank card, yesterday, he was sent a new loan offer, and a week ago, he began to obtain insurance and did not complete the process. With the IRV, the company asks to choose one of four service areas – bank card handling, information on loan products, insurance, or other. The customer is then referred to the right specialist with all the relevant information. Alternatively, the customer is guided by a robot for problem resolution.  

The L2U solution utilizes only Open Source technologies, though the team is ready to discuss a set of components. For example, in the project currently being implemented in Bulgaria, the PostgreSQL database system was replaced with Microsoft SQL as requested by the customer.

First sales

The startup named Listen to You by Matsotsky emerged 2.5 years ago. Sales of the product began in 2021. “Historically, companies’ communication channels have their own FAQ, which complicates communications management. Generally, we first offer to develop a pervasive knowledge base – this project is easy to understand by customers and not a scary one, to begin with. Going forward, we assist with moving to end-to-end customer service,” says Kirill Kuznetsov, the CEO of L2U.  

A partnership model is used for expansion in the international market. Knowledge base upgrade projects are being implemented in Bulgaria, Italy, and Switzerland. Pre-sale is underway in other Eastern and Western European countries and Central Asia. Following first contact with the customer, the L2U service may be offered for sale.

“L2U has not become profitable so far. But I am happy to invest in this idea and confident it will certainly be a success,” said Sergey Matsotsky.   

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