MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (July 22, 2022) – The Custom T’s Afterdark Underground and 410 Grudge Dreams Bridge Wars held at Maryland International Raceway (MIR) on Saturday, August 6th, 2022, will have some changes coming for the event.

The first change to come for the event will be the addition of the Custom T’s VIP Parking. This VIP parking will be for those that want to park their vehicles in a designated area on the pavement in the pits. This will be $50. Preferred parking in the grass lot will be $10, as usual, and there will still be plenty of free parking outside the pit gate. All VIP Parking cars will be given a window sticker to be placed on their vehicle, and a placard will be given to those for Preferred parking.

The intersection will be staffed to assist with people being parked in the paid areas. The VIP parking will also be policed to ensure that only Custom T’s VIP Parking vehicles are parking there. All vehicles towing a golf cart will be parked in the Tailgate Lot as a separate Preferred Parking area. RV parking will also be in the Tailgate Lot for $50. No parking will be allowed in the Vendor Midway outside of Pre-approved Vendors.

The second change is that all event testing and racing will be 1/8th mile, including all Motorcycles for this event. All participating racers must be trailering their race vehicle; bikes, however, are excluded. No cars that are driven in will be able to buy a tech card. Only participating racers and Custom T’s VIPs will be allowed to park in the pits.

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